Attention Ladies: Strength Training Will Not Make You Big And Bulky (But It Might Make You Sexy As Hell!)

I can still hear it from some of my old female clients when I introduce the squat,  “I don’t want my thighs to get big.”

And what I usually tell them is that the body will go where it is supposed to go.  Everyone’s genetic makeup is different, and it’s certainly possible that squats will add a bit of size to a lady’s legs.  But not in a bulky or unattractive way.  Your leg size is usually more a problem with your diet than with lifting weights.

Strength Training For Women

If you lift weights + have a clean healthy diet you’ll get that “lean and toned” look that all women seem to be looking for.

Let me get one thing, clear ladies…Females do not have the requisite testosterone to build bulky unattractive muscles.  Unless you’re popping needles in your ass or pumping testosterone in your body some other way, you will not get big and bulky.  Instead, strength training will lead to a sleek sexy physique.  Think Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.  Or Jessica Biel (hot!) in Blade.


So fear not the weights, Junkettes.  And purple vinyl covered 6-pound dumbbells are not weights.  Keep the following tips in mind as you travel the path of strength training:

Lift just like a guy would. Women should use the exact same movements as men.  Deadlifts, squats, and overhead presses should be staples in anyone’s fitness regimen.  Adjustments made to poundages and other indicators of intensity should be made for fitness level, not gender.

Upper body strength is often an issue, but can be improved with training. Push ups and pull ups are the bane of many a female client when they start training with me.  Yes, on average men are noticeably stronger in the upper body movements.

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But there are plenty of exceptions to this that show women can build phenomenal strength through their upper body.  Damned near any 15-year-old girl gymnast will crush my ass in a pull-up contest.

Weight fluctuation and “the girls”. I’ve seen it time and time again if a client has her weekly weigh-in and its that time of the month a 1 to 3-pound swing upward is common.  Another common scenario I’ve seen from female weight loss clients is dropping a cup size in the breasts.  This occasionally causes some concern.  And when it does, I point out that there has also been a noticeable reduction in the waist and hips.  Spot reducing is a myth.  When fat loss occurs, it happens everywhere.  And yes, even from “the girls”.

Instead of just focusing on the scale, you’d be wise to take pictures every 2 weeks of your body, and also make note of how your clothes are fitting.  If your clothes are getting baggier, and your pictures look better every week then that’s the best anyone can ask for!  And when the guys start to notice, you’ve hit the holy grail 🙂

So there you have it, ladies.  Don’t buy into that “weaker sex” crap for a minute. Grab a barbell, feel the iron in your hands, and get ready to lift heavy!

For a good workout + nutrition, you can check out my article on here or if you’re interested in purely strength training check out the strength training workout

– Vic

P.S. – Ladies leave me a comment below and let me know the types of workouts you are doing…  Do you lift weights?  Do you use bodyweight exercises (still very good)?  I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.. leave me a little note below 🙂

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