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Our top pick for best overall online prenatal workouts is Alo Moves. This platform has a wide range of workout styles for every fitness level and preference, including strength training, yoga, Pilates, barre, cardio, meditation, and much more. The website and app work seamlessly, allowing streaming and casting on any device. Alo Moves stands out due to its variety and quality of instruction.

FitOn is an excellent choice for budget-friendly workouts with a free version and affordable pro upgrades, including a sizable prenatal fitness library if you’re on a budget. If you prefer an app-based platform, Sweat has two fitness workout plans that will take you through your entire pregnancy.

Guide to Choosing the Best Prenatal Workouts

Are Online Prenatal Workouts Worth It?

Aside from the health benefits, online prenatal workouts are more convenient since you can access them on your own time at home. There are options that fit into any schedule, whether you’d prefer live or on-demand classes (or both). You’ll also likely save money as online workouts are typically cheaper than in-person memberships and programs. 

Lastly, many online prenatal workout platforms give you access to various pregnancy workouts, including strength training, cardio, and flexibility. Some come with educational content, meditation, and birth prep information for a well-rounded mind-body experience. 

Comparing Online Prenatal Workout Classes

When choosing the best prenatal workouts, consider convenience, price, flexibility, variety, and whether workouts are available for your fitness level. The FAQ pages and reviews are a great place to check to see if a platform might fit your preferences.

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  • Pricing: Consider your budget when choosing a prenatal fitness program. If you’re not sure if a program is worth it, check for a free trial before you commit so you’ll be happy with your purchase.
  • Experience level: If you are new to exercise, you’ll want to access classes that are suitable for beginners. Likewise, if you have been active long before pregnancy, you’ll likely want workouts that challenge you and help you progress.
  • Range of classes offered: If you don’t want to commit to only one exercise modality, consider a platform that provides a range of workout types.
  • Equipment required: Some programs on this list require some equipment, If you’d prefer to use no equipment, or don’t have the equipment required, it might be best to choose a more flexible program, or one that offers modifications.
  • Class lengths: If you need workouts that are convenient and fit into your busy schedule, look for platforms that provide short training sessions or allow you to pick and choose workouts available when you are, such as on-demand options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Trimester Is It Safe to Work Out During Pregnancy?

It’s safe to work out in each of the three trimesters during pregnancy, so long as you have your doctor’s clearance and you are not at high risk of complications, or have an injury or medical condition. You can safely continue the exercises you did before pregnancy, except for anything that could lead to abdominal impacts (such as contact sports), has a risk of falls, or involves high altitude or other risky activity. Ask your doctor to be sure your chosen form of exercise is safe for you.

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What Types of Online Workouts Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Online workouts that are safe during pregnancy are those on high-quality platforms that are specifically designed or curated for prenatal activity, hopefully with the guidance of a prenatal expert. It’s essential to ask your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

How Are Prenatal Workouts Different From Low-Impact Workouts?

Prenatal workouts often focus on pregnancy-specific issues such as hip and back pain or tightness, breathwork, core activation, and other methods that help relieve common complaints or strengthen areas of the body necessary to keep you feeling strong and healthy throughout pregnancy, birth, and recovery. However, not all pregnancy workouts are low-impact. Many pregnant people can enjoy higher impact exercise so long as they’ve been cleared to do so by their healthcare professional.

What Are the Health Benefits of Prenatal Workouts?

Exercise provides a range of health benefits that can help improve outcomes throughout your pregnancy, during delivery, and while recovering post-birth, and also benefit your baby. After all, pregnancy and birth are challenging on your body, demanding some of the highest physical efforts humans are capable of.

Regular exercise while pregnant can lead to shorter labors, reduced risk of preterm birth and delivery complications, shorter hospital stays after delivery, reduced risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, less back pain, and less constipation.

For your baby, if you keep active during pregnancy, you can expect higher APGAR scores (a measure of infant health at birth), better heart health, and faster brain development for your infant.

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Moreover, keeping active with something you enjoy can boost your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and help you manage the ever-changing physical and mental state of your body.


When choosing the best online prenatal workouts, we looked at 15 different platforms and programs. The programs that made the list provided pregnancy-specific training sessions and plans, clear instruction, and various training styles or an expertly crafted program. Options that did not make the list either had too few prenatal-specific classes or didn’t offer as much variety or expertise as those included.

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