Bum Bum Body Oil Is a Lymphatic Massage in a Bottle

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Lymphatic drainage massages are among a small faction of buzzy wellness treatments that really do live up to the hype. You see, when your lymphatic system gets clogged up with cellular waste, it can cause a whole host of concerns, including puffiness, dull skin, and breakouts (as well as other issues with digestion and circulation). As long as you’re drinking water and getting enough movement, your lymph nodes will function just fine on their own and will eventually find a way to unblock themselves—but lymphatic drainage massages help speed up the process.

While you may not be able to totally replicate the pro-grade version of the treatment at home, Sol de Janeiro just launched a product that will help you get pretty darn close.

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Firmeza Oil ($52) is rich with ingredients meant to help kick your lymphatic system into high gear. It’s made with a caffeine complex that contains guaraná and muirapuama extracts, both of which come straight from Brazil and stimulate micro-circulation to promote drainage and deliver firmer-looking skin. It also contains microalgae, which aids in reducing inflammation and removing toxins.

And because this oil is… an oil, it’s also a great moisturizer. The base of the formula is Brazilian olive oil which dries quickly without leaving behind a greasy film. Another great ingredient in this formula is sunflower oil, which promotes ceramide production and improves your natural skin barrier to reduce water loss, keeping your skin hydrated. It’s also got jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, and squalane—a trio of moisturizing ingredients that your skin will drink up.

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Thanks to its ingredients list, simply rubbing the Bum Bum Body Oil onto your skin comes with firming and depuffing benefits. If you really want to get all that lymph fluid moving, though, you’ll want to treat yourself to a little DIY massage. Using your hands or Sol de Janeiro’s Body Firmeza Massage Tool ($20), follow the lymphatic channels by rubbing your arms, legs, stomach, and sides in an upward (always upward!) motion. While you can certainly engage in this practice with any oil you’ve got lying around, Sol de Janeiro’s skin-firming formula will help take the benefits (and results) to the next level.

See an IRL lymphatic drainage massage in action:

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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