Color Therapy Is the Feel-Good Bath-Time Ritual We All Need

Imagine you’re unwinding in a warm, relaxing bath, luxuriating in a blend of oils and spa-worthy bath products. What senses are you using to soak up this truly exquisite scenario? You know, beyond the sense of wishful thinking.

Most obvious, it’d be your sense of smell (ahem, inhaling the swirling aromas) as well as your sense of touch (you are in a warm body of water in this dream exercise, after all). But there’s another sense that you’re using, and that’s your sense of sight. Yep, oftentimes you’re also reaping the benefits of color therapy—whether you realize it or not.

“Color is so much more than what we see,” says Walaa, a Barcelona-based, certified color therapist who goes by one name. “When light particles travel from the sun we translate those waves and frequencies, and our brain interprets those vibrations into the colors we see. Color therapy looks at how these waves and frequencies affect us, our nervous system, our bodies, and emotions.”

To take full advantage of color therapy’s benefits—and create the ultimate spa-like atmosphere at home—you’d be smart to lean on a brand totally rooted in the bath and color experience (since 1891, no less): Kneipp. The bath-time OGs have been creating bath oils, natural bath sea salts, and other self-care essentials for decades in the original German town it all started in 130 years ago (oh, and FYI, it’s pronounced Kuh-Nipe, like type). Naturally, each one lends itself well to the practice of color therapy.

Part of that is because aroma and color are closely related, says Walaa. “Colors will remind you of certain smells,” she says. “Some aromas will bring up a certain color combination that will have an effect on the nervous system and body.” She often starts her color therapy sessions with specific smells, and aligns them with the colors she’ll be using.

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Similarly, each of Kneipp’s products (many of which are now available at Ulta) are beautiful, mood-boosting shades of violet, yellow, blue, green, and more with gorgeous scents to match. By stocking up on the colors you’re called to, you can curate your own color therapy experience in the form of a calm-inducing bath.

Keep reading for a primer on using color therapy to enhance your self-care bath time.


“Each color has a positive aspect that we can all channel in different ways,” Walaa says. “Having knowledge about what color frequencies mean and how they impact us is key.” On that note, green is all about growth, openness, and connecting with nature, she says.

Whether you’re holding onto a grudge or experiencing a mental block, drawing yourself a warm bath using deep green, nature-esque Deep Breathe Pine & Fir Mineral Bath Salt or emerald, self love-promoting Refreshing Eucalyptus Bath Oil (Tata Harper’s fave) can help you re-center.


“Color frequencies align with the colors of herbs and plants,” Walaa says. “I use lavender bath salts, for example, to channel the energy of lavender—it’s all about channeling faith in the world, trusting that we are supported by the world around us.”

A little faith in times of uncertainty (ahem, a changing and shifting world as we start to move back to normalcy) is something we can all benefit from—and a restful, peaceful bath is one way to cultivate it. Try the Dream Time Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Bubble Bath, which turns your bath a beautiful deep violet (also perfect for boosting creativity, according to Walaa) with the famously soothing scent of lavender to lull you into a state of rest and calm.

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According to Walaa, yellow is the color of mental strength and power—so you might be attracted to yellow if you’re experiencing a challenging situation in life. A product that could not be more spot on? Kneipp’s Joint & Muscle Arnica Mineral Bath Salt, which loosens up and revives sore muscles.

No surprise here, one bottle is sold in the U.S. every three and a half minutes, and it’s Kneipp’s number one best seller, globally. Sprinkle 3/4 cap’s worth into a warm bath, and prepare to unwind physically and mentally in a sunny, saffron-colored bath that’s totally reviving.


Being attracted to blue is a sign you need to shift your focus toward being authentic to your true passions, rather than to who others want you to be, says Walaa. The perfect place to meditate on that? A relaxing bath, of course (you already knew that).

Draw yourself a soothing evening bath using Dream Away Valerian & Hops Mineral Bath Salt, which has a beautiful sapphire hue to call in all the self-love vibes.

Not sure which specific color is calling your name—or attracted to all of them? An Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set allows you to try all the colors, and create a bath experience that aligns with your mood right then and there. Senses, meet the rainbow.

Top photo: Lauren Abbazzio; Art: Well+Good Creative

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