Here Are the Best Hair Removal Steals at Walmart

Winter is coming—and we’re here to help prep your beauty routine for the colder months ahead. Consider this your preview of everything you need to upgrade your lineup this season, complete with intel on how to score major savings. Shop Now

You turn your shower, and hop in for a quick rinse. That’s when your prickly legs remind you that… it’s been a while, and you should probably make the time to shave today. *Cue the groans.* But shaving takes forever, you think. Actually, it takes precisely 1,728 hours (over the course of a lifetime), according to a 2013 survey, which stands to reason why 35 percent of the women surveyed count shaving as their least favorite part of their beauty routine.

Basically, you aren’t the only one groaning in your shower about leg-shave day. But we have some good news for all the ladies lamenting how much time they spend removing hair from their bodies: Time is money, as the saying goes, and if you’re going to spend the time, at least right now you don’t have to spend the money—because you can score serious savings on hair removal products during the Walmart Glow-Up Beauty Event.

From Aug. 25 until Sept. 24, you can save on hundreds of budget-friendly beauty finds in stores and online. More good news: It’s 2023, so if you want to skip shaving altogether, do your thing. But if you want to ditch the prickle, these are a few of our favorite finds for hair removal.

Shop hair-removal essentials

Sliick Pro Wax Warmer

A good wax warmer is *everything* when it comes to waxing. This dependable (and adorable) professional-grade warmer is compatible with bead or can wax formulas, has a wide temperature range, and holds over 16 ounces of wax.

Billie Women’s Razor Kit

If you’re going to stick with shaving, you might as well use one that’s aesthetically pleasing. The Billie starter kit comes with a razor (there are lots of colors to choose from), two blade refills, and a coordinating magnetic holder. Plus, it promises an ultra-close shave so you don’t have to do it as often. Score one for saving time in the shower.

Billie Women’s Razor 5-Blade Refills, 8 count

Now is the moment to stock up on razor blade refills while you can snag them for a steal. Because there’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve run out—especially since it always happens at the most inconvenient times.

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