HIIT Cardio Workouts: The Right Way to Do It

Within the health trade we’ve got gone by way of many phases in relation to cardio. We used to listen to cardio is nice, then cardio is dangerous, and it has saved occurring backwards and forwards like this. By now, we’re certain most of us know that cardio is usually a useful gizmo. Most essential is how you employ it in your exercise program. On this article, we’re going to discover how you should utilize Excessive-Depth Interval Coaching (HIIT) cardio exercises to learn your objectives.

Extra particularly, we’re going to take a look at what HIIT cardio is and the right way to do it correctly. Then, the advantages it gives for our our bodies.

How Lengthy Ought to a HIIT Exercise Be?

HIIT cardio consists of quick intervals, wherever between 10-60 seconds, of most output. And we imply 100% effort, not 80%. You would possibly be capable to push it to 90 seconds if you’re a complicated athlete. Adopted by a 1:3 relaxation interval.

Which means, if you happen to do 30 second sprints, you need to relaxation for 30-90 seconds.

Not all workout routines could be carried out with 100% effort. These embrace physique weight workout routines, treadmill sprints, stairmills, and boxing. We aren’t saying you can’t get in some good cardio work from all these exercises, however it isn’t actually HIIT.

You would possibly see lots of HIIT circuits marketed on social media, however often they’re just a few low depth cardio work. In case your intervals final for greater than 90 seconds, you’re most likely not giving maximal effort.

Furthermore, the extent of your output in direction of the top of the interval is so low that you’re inflicting lots of oxidative stress. Additionally, extra irritation than we wish.

Our aim for HIIT is to deplete our glycogen shops quickly and trigger a excessive stress to our vitality techniques. Thus, create metabolic injury. In different phrases, we wish a quick manufacturing of metabolic waste. Moreover, a excessive quantity of stress on our mitochondria in a brief time period.

The best way to Do HIIT Cardio

Once we are contemplating HIIT cardio strategies there are three principal issues we wish so as. First, we wish an train that’s concentric-dominant. Thus, an train the place you’ll be able to go all out with out combating an eccentric motion.

In a squat, we go up from the underside which is the concentric half. Then, we’ve got to go down once more, which is the eccentric motion.

We don’t need a lot resistance within the lengthening of our muscle tissue for HIIT cardio exercises. That is to reduce mechanical injury. Our aim is to maximise metabolic output, and we are not looking for mechanical injury to intrude with our objectives. An excessive amount of mechanical injury to your muscle tissue, means it is going to take longer to get well.

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Thus, an extended time period earlier than you are able to do one other session. What’s extra, it could intrude together with your restoration for weight coaching. In different phrases, we need to maximize our metabolic output, and get well as quick as we will.

Secondly, it’s worthwhile to decide an train that permits you to exert maximal output. Notably, an train the place you’ll be able to contract all the pieces you will have, and go 100% beast mode. That’s the place we get the advantages of HIIT coaching.

Lastly, we need to decide gear and workout routines that guarantee security once we go ALL OUT. Sprinting on a treadmill if you’re really giving 100% is just not very secure. Making an attempt to get off and get again on could be very troublesome if you end up exhausted. Equally, if we use a stairmill, you’re at a giant danger of falling or injuring your self.

Not solely that, however we can’t provoke maximal effort instantly with this gear. Moreover, we’ve got to scale it up, which hampers the objectives we need to attain.

Examples of HIIT Strategies

uphill sprints woman cardio

There are usually not too many choices once we need to do HIIT cardio exercises. Nevertheless, there are three nice strategies which we actually like, and that most individuals ought to have obtainable.

These embrace Sled/Automobile Pushes, Spin Bikes, and Sprints.

For the bike, we need to select one which has the spinning wheel so as to add the resistance very quickly. A wingate can be the most effective in case you have it obtainable, because it provides resistance immediately. With the sled pushes, we wish one thing heavy we will push. It may be a automobile exterior in case you have someplace to do it, or just a sled which you add weight on.

Spin bikes and sled pushes are nice options, as a result of you’ll be able to go ALL OUT and cease. Even fall down if it’s worthwhile to. Honestly talking, if you’re doing it proper, you won’t be able to maneuver a lot after ending.

The bike shall be extra quad dominant, whereas the sled pushes are extra hip and glute dominant. The sled pushes may even have extra systemic demand from the physique. The reason is, extra muscular contractions at work.

Within the spin bike, it’s predominantly the legs, whereas for the sled pushes we use lots of our higher physique. The higher physique is used to stabilize the backbone and pelvis.

In terms of sprints, we ideally need to select hills or an incline. This manner, it turns into simpler to exert maximal effort. The eccentric, slowing down half, could make you slightly sore in your calves and hamstrings. Particularly in case you have not sprinted for some time.

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Another choice to contemplate are deadmill sprints. These are accomplished by sprinting on a treadmill that’s turned off, and utilizing your power to make the treadmill spin. The one draw back could be if the belt on the treadmill is uneven, because it makes it laborious to make it spin. Nevertheless, generally, deadmill sprints ought to get the job accomplished.

Instance HIIT Exercises

woman exhausted from working out

Now, allow us to go over some particular HIIT cardio exercises with development examples. As we talked about earlier, we wish a 1:3 work:relaxation ratio. It is very important begin with as little work as needed, in order that we’re in a position to progress over time. Thereby, get well to understand the advantages we wish.

1. HIIT Cardio Exercise Instance

Week 1: 4 units x 10 seconds sprints, 30 seconds relaxation.

Week 2: 4 units x 20 seconds sprints, 60 seconds relaxation.

Week 3: 4 units x 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

Week 4: 4 units x 40 seconds, 120 seconds relaxation.

2. HIIT Cardio Exercise Instance

Week 1: 4 units x 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

Week 2: 6 units x 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

Week 3: 8 units 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

Week 4: 10 units x 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

3. HIIT Cardio Exercise Instance

Week 1: 4 units x 30 seconds sprints, 90 seconds relaxation.

Week 2: 4 units x 40 seconds sprints, 120 seconds relaxation.

Week 3: 5 units 40 seconds sprints, 120 seconds relaxation.

Week 4: 6 units x 40 seconds sprints, 120 seconds relaxation.

As you’ll be able to see, there are many methods to progress your HIIT cardio exercises. How you start is dependent upon your health ranges and your alternative of liking.

Make sure that to maintain a 1:3, work:relaxation ratio, and don’t change too many variables without delay. Most significantly, go BA**S to the partitions, to be able to barely transfer on the finish of your session. That method, you reap the metabolic advantages.

How Typically Ought to You Do HIIT Exercises?

HIIT exercises are very taxing on the physique when accomplished correctly, and may hardly ever be accomplished greater than 2-4 instances per week for most individuals. If in case you have not accomplished HIIT exercises for some time, or you’re a newbie, start with simply 1-2 exercises per week.

Then, you’ll be able to slowly progress the HIIT cardio exercises earlier than finally including extra days of HIIT. This clearly is dependent upon your particular person objectives and skill to get well.

A sophisticated athlete who’s getting ready for a sprinting competitors, will undoubtedly do extra HIIT exercises than somebody who merely is after the metabolic impact.

In the identical method, a bodybuilding competitor seeking to get shredded, might need totally different HIIT cardio exercises than somebody seeking to enhance endurance.

Moreover, you are able to do HIIT exercises as part of your weight coaching, both earlier than or after. If accomplished individually, attempt to do it not less than 4 hours aside out of your weight coaching session. You possibly can additionally do them on a unique day altogether. 

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Advantages of HIIT Coaching

athletic woman workout

Moreover the metabolic advantages we’ve got from depleting glycogen rapidly and stressing our mitochondria, there are some nice well being advantages as nicely.

Elevated Metabolic Fee After HIIT Session

A number of research have confirmed that your metabolism will increase for hours after train. Which means, after your HIIT session, you continue to preserve burning loads of energy for hours after exercising. Much more so than conventional weight lifting and jogging.

In some situations, HIIT coaching has additionally proven to make the physique want fats as gas over carbohydrates.

Elevated Fats Loss and Muscle Achieve in a Quick Interval of Time

As we mentioned earlier, HIIT exercises are comparatively quick if accomplished correctly. Thus, we’ve got to really go all out to reap the advantages.

When you try this, you’ll be able to burn rather more energy in a 7 minute HIIT exercise, than in a 30 minute jog. This doesn’t imply it is best to all the time do HIIT, as a result of we need to be certain that we get well correctly and don’t carry out extreme train.

Moreover, we’ve got seen a rise in muscle mass from HIIT cardio exercises.

Far more so than with long-distance operating or strolling. That is most frequently seen in individuals who had low exercise ranges to start with, and far much less in superior athletes.

Improved Oxygen and Blood Stream

Our hearts pumps blood to our circulatory system, which transports oxygen and vitamins into our muscle tissue. HIIT coaching has proven not solely to help our circulatory system, however to strengthen it as nicely.

A study carried out in 2017 cut up two teams into HIIT exercises and common endurance train. The HIIT group confirmed a rise within the hearts and lungs capacity to move oxygen. Not solely that, however the HIIT group additionally misplaced extra fats on common.

Moreover, a 2020 study confirmed how HIIT coaching elevated blood circulation to the mind.


As proven above, our principal aim with HIIT cardio is to create a metabolic impact and get well from it as quickly as we will. We do that by depleting our glycogen shops quickly and stressing our vitality techniques. True HIIT cardio exercises are often accomplished in 10-60 second intervals with a 1:3, work:relaxation ratio. It is very important discover a concentric-dominant train to do that accurately, so we don’t trigger a lot mechanical injury. Spin bikes and sled pushes are nice options. Different nice advantages in addition to an elevated metabolic fee embrace fats loss and muscle acquire in a brief time period, in addition to improved oxygen and blood circulation.

Thanks for studying our article!

– Terry Asher

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