Holiday Gift Ideas for a Fitness Lover

It’s the holiday season! For many of us, that means we have some extra tasks on our to-do lists. Do you have a friend or family member who loves fitness? Are you close to someone who has expressed an interest in getting into fitness? Then it is time for a little bit of shopping! Here are some holiday gift ideas to help you get something fabulous and practical for your exercise enthusiast.

Memberships or Class Passes:

If your giftee has been talking about joining a gym, you can often purchase a gift card for prepaid membership or class passes on their behalf. A full-service gym such as Fitness Nation has a wide range of class styles and caters to many ability levels. This is great because no matter what your recipient has been looking for, this type of establishment can probably meet their needs. A gift like this can remove the barrier of even a reasonably low cost and help your friend or family member try out a new place and see if it will meet their needs for a more active lifestyle.

Athletic Wear:

Let’s face it – there is something super motivating about having some new workout gear to get us moving. Active clothing designs include quick-dry technology or sweat-wicking properties. You’ll want to select items that allow for comfortable movement. Think shorts, leggings, joggers, tank tops, shirts, jackets, undergarments, socks, and sturdy, supportive shoes! There are so many directions you can go with this. You could buy an entire outfit or one great piece. Whether you buy something in a fresh new color or stick to basics, your fitness lover will appreciate it over and over all year long.

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Necessary Tools for Every Activity:

There are certain items that you can just never go wrong with to support an avid exerciser. A great water bottle is one example. There are so many different kinds. There are huge water bottles designed to help the user drink a whole gallon in a day! Also, look at infusion water bottles–these can have fruit or veggies added to a compartment that then flavors the water. Insulated bottles that keep water cold for hours also make a wonderful gift.

Is your athlete needing a place to keep their gear heading to and from workouts? How about a new gym bag! Again, many different kinds can work wonderfully to help keep everything together. It doesn’t need to be fancy or overly large to be helpful and look nice.

Sweat towels are another great little tools that are fantastic support for any high calorie-burning activity. You and your friends might already know, but sweat IS good for you! However, sometimes it feels uncomfortable to some of us when it is trickling down the skin. Get your loved one their own clean, soft towel to wipe off the sweat as needed through a workout. This can definitely make the activity of exercising more pleasant.

Other Accessories:

Headbands designed to absorb sweat beads can keep hair and moisture from the face for a highly focused exercise session. Hair ties and hair towels can also be fantastic for those with a lot of hair. If outdoor fitness is going to be the focus, consider sun-shielding visors and beanies for colder climates. Some beanies also have a place for your earbuds to support those long runs!

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Smartwatches are another fun and functional accessory that can be found at various price points. These watches are built to withstand moisture and measure a wide range of fitness activities, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, etc. This is an excellent option for anyone looking at being more aware of their overall health.

Tools to Use at Home:

Perhaps the person you are shopping for would prefer to add to their collection of exercise equipment with some dumbbells, kettlebells, or even an all-around good yoga mat. In addition, video subscriptions for prerecorded workouts can be fun and helpful for those days when getting to the gym just isn’t an option. Also worth mentioning are some things to help with soreness after a workout. Consider things like a tube of muscle relaxer cream, a foam roller, a foot roller, or a massage or trigger point release ball.

For the Frequent Traveler:

Along the same lines, it can be thoughtful to find equipment that can easily tuck into a suitcase for those who frequently travel. There are things like fold-up yoga mats, resistance bands, workout dice, or card decks. These kinds of holiday gift ideas can greatly support those who are on the go and still want to prioritize some stretching or workout time after a long day of travel or business meetings.

A Fitness Rescue Kit:

Sometimes you get to the gym only to discover you’re missing something vital. So for a personal touch, make or buy a little fitness rescue pack! Add things like deodorant or refreshing body wipes, athletic tape, a small towel, a hair tie, tampon, dry shampoo, lip balm, earbuds, socks, etc. Throw in a packet of an electrolyte drink mix or a protein bar as well, and your pal will be ready for anything!

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Nutrition Support:

Many times, your fitness friend isn’t only thinking about the workouts– they are often conscious of their nutrition and dietary needs. Cue all things to support eating for health! Look for cookbooks with recipes for clean eating strategies or menu planning subscriptions catered towards an active lifestyle. Another idea would be to identify any kitchen tools your friend or family member might need to ease food prep. For example, a sharp knife, peeler, and a solid cutting board can make chopping up a few veggies a much less arduous chore.

Don’t Forget Yourself When It Comes to Holiday Gift Ideas

Need a nudge for another great holiday gift idea? If you are ready to start your own fitness journey but don’t have a gym to call home yet, join Fitness Nation today. We have all the weights and equipment you need to reach your fitness goals.

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