How To Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles, According to Dermatologists

If you spend time closely inspecting every pore in the mirror, you’re likely the same type of person wondering how to get rid of your neck wrinkles. That’s to say: Pores and wrinkles are normal parts of life that probably only you notice, but you stress about them nonetheless (and maybe like 10-22 other things per day, but that’s another article). 

Neck wrinkles and lines happen with time and, you know, totally normal movement of your head, but if you want to lessen their appearance or stop them before they happen — good news — there are ways. From amping up skincare and SPF to simply working on your posture, we had dermatologists Karan Lal, Arash Akhavan, Nava Greenfield, and Brooke Jeffy to break down the best ways to treat and prevent neck wrinkles from forming.

Experts In This Article

  • Arash Akhavan, MD, board-certified dermatologist in New York City
  • Brooke Jeffy, MD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of BTWN, a skin-care line specifically formulated for children, tweens, and teens
  • Karan Lal, DO, FAAD, double-board-certified pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist.
  • Nava Greenfield, MD, board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York

What are neck wrinkles? 

Neck lines or neck wrinkles are mostly horizontal lines that ring around the front and sides of your neck. “They appear because of the loss of collagen and connective tissue in the skin as it ages and as the muscles repeatedly contract, causing creases in the skin over time,” Dr. Greenfield says. Neck wrinkles are very common (almost unavoidable) and are a totally normal part of aging. You may notice them, especially in contrast to your face, because, bingo, the neck is often neglected when it comes to skincare and SPF. So, remember to bring down all those juicy skincare ingredients to your neck—it needs love, too.

What causes neck wrinkles?

Neck wrinkles are simply a part of aging. As we age, our collagen production (a protein that makes our skin plump and bouncy) slows, which means lines may appear, and we retain less moisture to keep our skin looking smooth. Sun exposure is also a big culprit for neck wrinkles since UV rays can break collagen down quickly. If your daily moisturizer has SPF in it, that’s great! But if you’re not putting it on your neck (and, well, any part of your body exposed to the sun), you’ll see a difference over time. 

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And in a newer twist of fate, Dr. Arash Akhavan says we can also pin neck wrinkles on tech neck. “Neck wrinkles can develop from frequently looking down at mobile devices or laptops, contributing to the formation of creases. This type of neck wrinkle also deepens over time with repeated motion.” 

How to prevent neck wrinkles

If you have yet to spot any neck lines, or they’re not super noticeable, you can do a few things to slow their development. First, you can extend your skincare to your neck, which goes for cleansers, serums, topical antioxidants, and moisturizers — especially your sunscreen. “We’ll see patients dedicated to applying SPF on their face with smooth skin but a sun-damaged and wrinkled neck and décolleté area,” says Dr. Akhavan. 

You should also keep tabs on how long you’re head down on your phone watching TikToks or hunched over a keyboard at work. “Keep your phone at eye level,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal. “This will prevent neck bending and lines from forming.” As for your laptop, prop it up on a stand or adjust your office chair so you’re not looking down at your screen. 

How to get rid of neck wrinkles

Even though neck wrinkles are a normal part of life, if you don’t love the look, you can try a few things to soften their appearance. Remember that the skin on your neck is essentially the same as your face but a bit thinner, so it’ll reap all the same benefits of good skincare. Here are a few ways to get rid of neck wrinkles (or, at the very least, make them look less prominent):


Antioxidants help protect the skin from yucky stuff in the environment (like UV rays and pollution). Vitamin C, perhaps the most popular antioxidant, is known to help reduce fine lines and has the added benefit of brightening and protecting against harmful UV rays. If you’re already using a vitamin C serum daily, great! You’ll want to start spreading that down to your neck. If not, there are many great options on the market that get the job done.


“My favorite class of anti-aging products for skin anywhere on the face or body, inducing the neck, is retinoids,” says Dr. Akhavan. “Prescription products containing tretinoin are always the best option, but over-the-counter retinol products work well too.” Remember that retinoids can dry or irritate sensitive neck skin. Hence, Dr. Akhavan recommends starting slowly (a few times per week) and transitioning to nightly use as your skin adapts. 

LED red light

Dr. Farhang and Dr. Jeffy both recommend at-home LED red light devices (wands are ideal since masks don’t extend the benefit to your neck) to prevent and treat lines. Studies have shown that LED red light is also anti-inflammatory and can help clear breakouts, so by all means, extend the use to your face.

Cosmetic Injectables

If creams and serums aren’t doing the trick, your dermatologist can advise you on potential injectable solutions. “Injectables like Botox can help prevent the muscles responsible for creating neck lines, and filler can help fill in the loss of hyaluronic acid and collagen volume in the skin,” says Dr. Greenfield.

Non-ablative laser treatments

Another way the pros can help is with a non-ablative laser treatment, which resurfaces the skin and stimulates collagen. Dr. Lal uses the Sciton HALO laser, which doesn’t zap or destroy tissue but uses heat to stimulate collagen production. “Usually two treatments are needed to see a result, and then one treatment every two or three years can help to maintain the results.”

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When to see a professional

Since treating neck wrinkles falls under the cosmetic category, choosing to see a dermatologist is up to your discretion. Try some at-home or over-the-counter options, and if you aren’t happy with the results, consult a professional. “When to start professional treatment for neck wrinkles depends on the patient and how much it bothers them,” says Dr. Farhang. If you’re interested in Botox, fillers, or laser treatments, you’ll need to see your dermatologist.

Can certain exercises reduce neck wrinkles?

Neck exercises probably won’t help reduce lines (repetitive movement and creasing are likely what got you those lines in the first place), but working on your posture can prevent lines from worsening, says Dr. Farhang. Dr. Lal agrees: “Exercises could make the lines more noticeable. Skincare, sun protection, and energy-based treatments are best for softening these lines.”

How does sun exposure affect neck wrinkles? 

Aside from the normal aging process and lines formed from everyday movement (even just sleeping positions), sun exposure plays a massive role in wrinkle formation of all kinds. “Sun exposure destroys collagen, which will lead to wrinkles,” Dr. Jeffy says. It’s as simple as that. Nothing you read here will work miracles if you’re not simultaneously protecting your skin from UV damage. 

Are there any effective home remedies for neck wrinkles? 

Nothing whipped together in your kitchen will magically erase wrinkles (so you can put the coffee grounds-and-toothpaste neck mask down). Still, plenty of over-the-counter skin care products with retinoids and hydrating ingredients can help improve the texture of your neck skin and reduce its appearance.

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What skincare products work best for neck wrinkles? 

Neck wrinkle prevention and reduction largely come down to three categories: sun protection, antioxidant-rich skin care, and retinoids. Here’s what the pros recommend. 

skinceuticals neck serum in a white bottle shown on a white backgorund

SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair — $135.00

Peptides help to stimulate collagen production and hydrate the skin, which will naturally plump things up and reduce the look of fine lines, says Dr. Lal, who recommends this treatment specifically formulated for delicate neck skin.

revision skincare neck serum in a black bottle on a white background

Revision Skincare Nectifirm Advanced — $154.00

Almost all of the dermatologists we interviewed recommended this neck-specific treatment. “For patients that are intolerant of retinoids, this product combines peptides and antioxidant ingredients to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” says Dr. Akhavan.

Final takeaway

Neck wrinkles, like all wrinkles, are a natural part of life. (Perfectly lineless, poreless, taut skin isn’t real unless you’re a video game character. Sorry, humans!) However, you can still do a few things to improve the appearance of neck wrinkles if they bother you. You can start by getting the most bang for your buck and bringing your daily skincare routine down past your chin. Also, enlisting the help of the skincare holy trinity: antioxidants, retinoids, and SPF (any face-specific skincare will do), can help keep your neck area smooth. And, if topical skincare doesn’t improve your concern, a dermatologist can tailor a treatment plan to help kiss your necklines goodbye (for the most part).

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