IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Cream Review

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Contrary to popular belief, oily skin doesn’t always disappear once you hit midlife. Even though I’m in my 50s, I still deal with combination skin that’s prone to an oily T-zone, particularly during the summer months and holiday season when stress and sugary foods wreak havoc on my complexion. Finding a moisturizer that hydrates drier skin on my cheeks and chin without leaving my nose and forehead shiny, especially under makeup, can be challenging. Throw in the need to address signs of aging and any product I use has its multi-tasking work cut out for it.

I’ve written about my fandom of  IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream (the top selling anti-aging moisturizer in the U.S.) for dry to normal skin, so I was excited to hear about the launch of a sister product formulated to calm and hydrate oily and combination skin plus deliver powerful anti-aging ingredients. IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Cream ($59) is an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer created to deliver hydration to oil-prone skin, improve the look of dark spots and skin texture, reduce pore size, and support skin’s elasticity and barrier functions.

“It’s a total myth that oily skin only occurs in our teenage years—oily and combination skin are common for people of all ages,” says Kirsten Peterson, director of U.S. education at IT Cosmetics. “Confidence in a Gel Cream lets our combination and oily skin customers hydrate with confidence, enjoying what’s incredible about Confidence in a Cream with added benefits of balancing surface oiliness and smoothing skin texture.”

The product uses an “oil control system” powered by air licium—a trademarked oil-absorbing aerogel that provides maximum sebum control and a blurring effect—along with zinc PCA and PHA to decrease the look of large pores and gently exfoliate. The formula’s second hero is its “anti-aging armor rejuvenating concentrate” with niacinamide to improve dark spots and discoloration, squalene to support the skin barrier, vitamin E to fight free radicals, and peptides to improve hydration, elasticity, firmness, and the look of fine lines.

“For those consumers who want balanced skin, the oil control system helps absorb sebum and reduce sebum secretion over time, while the anti-aging armor helps even skin tone and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles,” says Peterson.
In clinical studies, the gel cream strengthened the skin’s moisture barrier in one hour, reduced excess surface oil in two weeks, and improved large pores and skin texture after four weeks of use.

Putting IT Cosmetics’ shine-stopper to the test

The gel cream is extremely lightweight, absorbs quickly, and has a “barely there” feel after application. I particularly liked these benefits when wearing it underneath the heavier makeup I opted for during the holiday season. It helped my makeup glide on smoothly and prevented any cakiness. And, just as I hoped, the T-zone oiliness that so often shines through wasn’t nearly as bad, especially after continued use of the gel cream. After a couple weeks, my skin looked smoother and more balanced, and my larger pores and dark spots were reduced.

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I also liked using the product under a tinted sunscreen during the day, but at night I gravitated to a heavier-textured moisturizer because the winter combo of cold outdoor and dry indoor air left my skin feeling parched and in need of some serious overnight repair. I’m really looking forward to using the gel cream in summer when oily skin is much more of an issue for me. (The brand recommends switching between the oil-free and original formulas if your skin type fluctuates with the seasons, which is typically the case for me).

For anyone battling oily skin year-round, the gel cream would be a recommended go-to for combatting shininess—and addressing a multitude of other skin issues—during any season. In fact, I really wish this product had been around when I was in my late teens and 20s and dealing with constantly oily skin. But I’m glad it’s here now and I’ll continue to use the product for its oil-control and other benefits both under makeup and when the temps start to climb.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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