Parrotfish Lavender Teak Soap Squashes Body Acne

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When it comes to skin care, I’ve historically placed all of my focus on taming facial acne. I researched products, visited dermatologists, and even changed my diet to achieve an acne-free glow. The problem was I was neglecting my skin from the neck down, and it began to show…  that is, in the form of body acne.

Recently, I decided to move my complexion-care dedication south of my shoulders, and replaced my lackluster body wash with Parrotfish Lavender Teak Soap Bar ($10). And not only has it squashed my body acne, but it’s completely changed the texture of my once dull skin.

Any dermatologist will tell you that there are a number of different factors that cause body acne, but the biggest culprit (and the one I’m most likely to blame for my own breakouts) is friction. The friction between your skin and your clothes can cause irritation, which leads to inflammation and acne. Synthetic fabrics, which don’t allow your skin to breathe (think: polyester workout leggings) are the worst offenders. They trap heat and sweat against the skin, creating the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

This means that in order to combat body acne, you need ingredients that are going to clear away that bacteria every time you step in the shower—which is exactly what Parrotfish Lavender Teak bar soap has to offer. Calendula petals and lavender essential oil soothe the inflammation and redness that typically accompanies body acne, and frankincense oil minimizes your pores and the appearance of blemishes. It’s the bar’s activated charcoal, though, that really holds its superpowers. This key ingredient cleanses pores by drawing out dirt and impurities from your skin while also offering gentle exfoliation.

Wetting the bar soap creates a sudsy lather, which you can apply to your skin using your hands or (for even more exfoliation) a washcloth or loofah. For best results, use it every time you shower—especially after a workout or an extra-sweaty spring day—to remove any acne-causing bacteria from your skin. To expand the life of your soap bar, you’ll want to store it in a dish to prevent it from getting waterlogged or soggy. Under the right conditions, it should last for 4-6 months.

After testing Parrotfish’s Lavender Teak Soap Bar for just one week, it was clear that this formula is the real deal—so much so that I saw (and felt) noticeable changes in my skin with only a few uses. The acne blemishes and razor bumps that dotted my skin’s surface have faded away; my once dull and uneven complexion has taken on a new glow; and any roughness has been replaced with soft-to-the-touch skin (thanks, exfoliation). Most importantly, though, my body acne is gone. Mission accomplished.


Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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