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Before I met Stacy London, I knew shockingly little about menopause. If I’m being honest, I knew there would be hot flashes and that I’d stop getting my period at some point, but that’s about it. As a woman in her mid-30s for whom this “big change” is an eventual inevitability, that seems… kind of weird, right? But as it turns out, I’m not alone. A 2021 study polled 1,039 women between the ages of 41 and 65, and found that nearly a third of them (32 percent, to be exact), felt that there was not enough information about menopause and perimenopause available to them before they started experiencing symptoms. What’s more, a whopping 73 percent reported that though they were experiencing menopause, they were not treating their symptoms.

For London, this lack of open conversation around menopause—and the stigma it’s created—is simply unacceptable. “Historically, nobody’s really been educated about menopause, because there’s so much shame associated with aging, and we conflate menopause and aging so much,” says London in the latest episode of Well+Good’s new beauty podcast, Routine Rundown. “We joke around about the term ‘knowledge is power, but it really is right. Knowledge is agency, and it’s a huge part of the work we do honing our identities.”

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Listen to our conversation here:

When London launched her brand, State of Menopause, two years ago, her goal was to bring this knowledge—and the agency that comes with it—to the masses. And though the company stopped selling products in November (the silver lining is you can still find them at select retailers for majorly discounted prices), its message continues to ring clear. “If we were to actually really look at menopause, we could see it as an opportunity for reclamation, and certainly a reframe, about what the middle of life looks like,” says London. “There’s an idea that… coming into menopause is somehow an ending. And, yeah, sure—in one sense, it is. But it’s an unfinished sentence to say that it’s an ending. It’s an ending that transitions us into a new phase, and that’s a new beginning.”

Given her work in the space, it makes sense that London has crafted a perfect routine for her own menopausal skin that deals with common concerns like dryness, dullness, and hot flashes. Shop her picks below, then check out our full conversation on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. If knowledge is power, consider this your menopause masterclass.

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Iris&Romeo, Best Skin Days SPF 30 — $48.00

“Iris&Romeo makes this kind of sunscreen-tinted-moisturizer-concealer, and I use that in the mornings,” says London. “It just gives you the perfect texture on your skin.” With SPF 30, it’s got derm’s daily recommended amount of sun protection (just be sure to reapply regularly!), and considering many of our editors also swear by this stuff, we second the fact that it really does give your skin the perfect texture.

State Of Menopause, 2-Piece Cooling Set — $16.00

London loves State of Menopause’s cooling products, and works them into her routine in a few different ways. She uses the cooling spray in the morning and evening, which fends off hot flashes and “absorbs into the skin quite quickly and makes it very easy,” she says. Then, if her skin needs a little extra boost of hydration, she’ll use the moisturizer at night as the second-to-last step in her regimen.


Winky Lux, Uni-Brow Universal Shade Eyebrow Pencil — $18.00

Bold brows can bring even the most minimalistic makeup look to the next level, and London swears by this pencil to get the job done. Its “bronde” (aka brunette and blonde) tone is meant to blend in seamlessly with every eyebrow shade, and its precision applicator makes it pretty much goof-proof.

about-face, Paint-It Matte Lip Color — $16.00

London’s red lipstick has become just as much an iconic part of her look as her signature gray streak, and her go-to products all come from Halsey’s beauty line, about-face. “I think her products are absolutely incredible,” she says. For a pop of matte color that won’t smudge, opt for the brand’s Paint-It Matte liquid lippie; for something slightly glossier and more hydrating, try the Cherry Pick Lip Butter ($15).

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