Trenbolone Enanthate – 7 Reasons To Choose

If you want to use a steroid or other performance enhancer to build solid, strong muscle, then you can’t go wrong with a Trenbolone Enanthate cycle, also known as a Tren cycle. When used with the right supplements, in the right stacks, and at the right doses, it can help you get incredible gains with minimal side effects.

#1 – You’ll Be Stronger

Whereas some of the products on the market today will make you feel stronger, Enanthate actually makes you stronger with time. The more you take it, the more you can lift, push, and pull. With some time and dedication, you’ll find yourself outperforming your comrades at the Gym.

The best part is that some of the strength gains you get during a Trenbolone enanthate cycle are permanent if you keep up with your diet and workout routine and follow your cycle with extensive PCT.

#2 – Less Cortisol

When you take Enanthate, it limits your body’s ability to produce what are called “stress hormones”. The most common and well-known Stress hormone is cortisol, and your body produces it when you don’t get enough sleep, when there isn’t enough testosterone in your body, or when you are sedentary.

This hormone tells your body to store glycogen as fat, especially around your abdomen. By blocking the production and action of cortisol, you will feel and look better over time. Your metabolism will increase permanently as long as you maintain your healthy lifestyle, and this will prevent the recurrence of fat stores.

#3 – You Can Absorb More Nutrients

Enanthate is a bit unique in that it does far more than just improve your performance. It also enhances your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food or from supplements.

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Originally, Enanthate was produced to improve the feeding efficiency of cattle. Simply put, it was used to help cattle grow and remain healthy with the least amount of feed possible.

This means that every amino acid, every protein molecule, and every calorie is put to better use, and the actions of Trenbolone enanthate in the human body are much the same. Everything you eat is put to better use in your body, which translates to more muscle, better performance, and better health.Enanthate

#4 – Reductions in Post-Workout Fatigue and Pain

Because Trenbolone enanthate is a “wet” steroid, it offers up some cushioning in the joints. What’s more, it also helps fight off the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which occurs once the muscle tissue burns through the available oxygen. This means that it can help reduce post-workout soreness and Fatigue.

Because of this wet effect,  Trenbolone Enanthate side effects may include bloating or swelling in the extremities. Low doses of diuretics can help you balance the benefits with these side effects, providing joint pain relief without extensive bloat.

#5 – Enhanced Muscle Growth

Of course, the number one reason why people take a Trenbolone Enanthate cycle has to do with muscle growth. This very powerful steroid can help you enjoy gains of 20 pounds or more – all in the form of lean muscle mass – in as little as two to three months. It helps your body burn fat at the same time, improving your Physique.

While it is powerful as a standalone performance enhancer, it works best when paired with other compounds in a cycle. Popular options for bulking include Dianabol and testosterone, among others.

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#6 – More Red Blood Cells

Another way in which a Trenbolone Enanthate cycle helps boost your performance has to do with oxygen delivery. As you work out and put your body under stress, your muscle tissues will burn through insane amounts of oxygen. When you have more red blood cells in your body, your blood can deliver far more oxygen to your muscle tissues.

This boosts your performance and helps ward off lactic acid buildup. These red blood cells also facilitate nutrient delivery, which means your muscles will have glycogen readily available to them on demand. This, too, helps to improve your endurance, allowing you to push yourself to the limit.Tren Enanthate

#7 – Enanthate Gives More Stamina

Finally, thanks to the enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery along with improvements in strength, you’ll find that your stamina and endurance will skyrocket within days of getting started. This is absolutely vital for massive gains; if you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough or long enough, your muscles can’t grow.

Stamina and endurance increase over time with Trenbolone Enanthate, and as long as you follow your cycle with appropriate PCT, you’ll be able to carry this benefit with you long after your cycle ends.

Getting the Most out your Enanthate Cycle

While there’s no doubt that Tren is powerful, there are some things you can do to ensure you balance its benefits with the risk of side effects.

Use an appropriate dosage.

  • Dosage varies based on your goals, but for Muscle Building, you will want to take a relatively high dose.
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The chart below shows the dosage you should consider for each performance enhancement goal.

Goal Starting Dose Maximum Dose
Eat the right foods in the right amounts.

When it comes to adding muscle, you will want to eat high-calorie, high-protein foods that contain ample Nutrition. This gives your body the fuel and building blocks it needs to benefit the most from Enanthate.

Choose appropriate exercise.

While bulking, it is a good idea to avoid high-intensity cardio and aerobics. Instead, focus your efforts (and calorie expenditure) on weightlifting and resistance Training.

Use AIs.

Aromatase inhibitors are important for a Trenbolone enanthate cycle as they prevent estrogen conversion and its side effects.

Don’t forget PCT.

One of the most prominent Enanthate side effects is testosterone suppression, which is truly only noticeable once your cycle ends. PCT with drugs called SERMs will help kick-start that testosterone production, thereby allowing you to avoid side effects like Fatigue, muscle loss, and even testicular atrophy.

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using a Trenbolone enanthate cycle to build muscle. Not only will you gain size, but you’ll also gain strength, stamina, and endurance – all of which are important when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

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