Turkesterone 101: What To Expect, How To Use & Is It Safe?

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In recent months, the bodybuilding and fitness community has gone wild for turkesterone, a supplement that has seen many users reap the performance-enhancing benefits without side effects.

But, some users question whether or not the supplement is as effective as some claim it to be. Is turkesterone really one of the best natural supplements for muscle growth? You’re about to find out!

This article will explore everything you should know about turkesterone and whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, a hormonal steroid found in plants. Due to their abilities to induce growth, ecdysteroids are often compared to testosterone.

But they are not the same.

Unlike testosterone, ecdysteroids don’t attach to androgen receptors. Thus, you won’t get any unpleasant steroidal side effects (think hair loss and gynecomastia) from taking them.


Turkesterone supplement
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While there are many types of ecdysteroids, turkesterone is the most anabolic (i.e., muscle building) of them all, even though it stimulates different anabolic pathways. Studies show that it’s slightly more potent than the rest, including ecdysterone. However, it tends to be more expensive too.

Turkesterone comes from the Ajuga turkestanica plants found in central Asian counties like Tajikistan, Siberia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

The plant is considered adaptogenic as it’s proven to have a range of therapeutic uses, such as maintaining skeletal muscle and protecting the heart. Therefore, phytoecdysteroids like turkesterone are considered adaptogens too.

The Benefits of Turkesterone

Turkesterone is known for having performance-enhancing abilities, which is why it’s become one of the most popular supplements among lifters.

Let us take you through the benefits of Turkesterone and how it can help you improve your progress.

1. It Increases Lean Muscle Growth

Turkesterone speeds up and increases lean muscle growth by boosting muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the metabolic process responsible for changing skeletal muscle mass in response to resistance training.

It achieves increased MPS by optimizing the mRNA translation process and skyrocketing leucine uptake into the muscle cells. This affects protein synthesis, producing a positive nitrogen balance and preventing muscle breakdown while building mass.

Some studies, particularly ‘Ecdysteroids: A Novel Class of Anabolic Agents?‘ have suggested that turk produces muscle mass results similar to those that take androgenic steroids!

2. It Improves Exercise Performance

Ecdysteroids can boost the adenosine-5-triphosphate (ATP) content found in muscles. Essentially, the more ATP synthesis, the better you can perform endurance and strength exercises.

Anecdotal evidence from current turkesterone users states that they can efficiently complete more intensive workouts to build strength and stamina.

3. It Enhances Muscular Recovery

As we’re sure you know, recovery is an integral part of the muscle-building process — and Turkesterone can help with that too.

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Research shows the supplement accelerates muscle fiber repair and increases the muscles’ glycogen levels. Ultimately, this facilitates the quicker removal of lactic acid, supporting workout recovery.

Naturally, this is one of the benefits most favored by professional athletes who can’t afford to sit around waiting for long recovery times to pass.

4. It Increases Strength and Power

Remember the heightened levels of ATP we mentioned earlier? Well, it also helps you rack up strength and exert more power in your workouts for added stamina- and muscle-growing benefits.

You’ll be crushing your previous personal records (PRs) after you finish your cycle; believe us!

Your First Turkesterone Cycle

With Turkesterone, it’s essential to know how to use it optimally and to plan out your cycle(s).

If it’s your first time running a Turkesterone cycle, we advise taking between 250mg and 500mg daily for 8 to 12 weeks. Although a few sources recommend a six-week cycle, we suggest running with it for at least eight.

Naturally, it would be best to start with the lowest dose to determine how your body responds to the compound before increasing it.

After your first Turkesterone cycle is over, take a two-week break before moving on to your next, more advanced cycle.

For this second cycle, you can increase your dosage to a maximum of 1000mg daily for improved results.

Musclular man holding supplement pills
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As for when to take your dosage, this product is easygoing — it doesn’t matter when you take it, provided you get your daily dose. Although, for simplicity, we recommend taking it with your first meal of the day. You’re less likely to forget it that way.

Some users suggest spreading it into two doses. This is optional but not a must; we’re unsure if it impacts results.

However, remember that turkesterone isn’t a miracle supplement; you’ll still need to lift heavy and eat properly to get the most out of your efforts.

The Side Effects of Turkesterone

We have good news – research and anecdotal experiences suggest that there are no side effects when taking Turkesterone.

It’s a completely safe and reliable supplement. So, provided you’re smart and follow the recommended dosage and cycling guidelines, you’re good to go.

The only thing to note is that you should avoid taking it on an empty stomach. Why? Because nausea is a common side effect of capsulated supplements when taken without food.

And, of course, if you have a preexisting medical condition, it’s highly recommended to run the use of this supplement by your doctor first.

Should You Take Turkesterone?

By now, you’re probably thinking — should I start taking turkesterone?

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While the decision is entirely yours, we do recommend giving it a try. It’s proven itself to be effective in the majority of the users, which includes ourselves.

We’ve run a few Turkesterone cycles and are very satisfied with our results in both lean muscle gains and strength. Plus, there aren’t any side effects, which we can also vouch for.

So, if you’re a natural lifter who wants to add a slight boost to your performance and speed up your progress, we suggest giving a turkesterone supplement a go.

But, as we said earlier, it isn’t a magic pill. You won’t take it for eight weeks and miraculously pack on size if your diet and training regime aren’t up to scratch.

It’s simply the perfect addition to an already-effective lifting split and diet to help you gain extra lean muscle mass and boost strength.

If you’ve decided that this supplement is for you, you must get your hands on the right supplement. You need a supplement that has the proper extract, and that is absorbed optimally by your body – keep reading as we show you our recommendations.

Where to Buy Turkesterone

Finding the right brand is key to getting high-quality turkesterone that’s actually worth your money.

Nowadays, you’ll find many places selling turkesterone — including Amazon and other general stores.

However, when buying supplements, it’s crucial to purchase from a reliable company that offers quality products.

We’ve used turkesterone from several brands for weeks now, concluding that Huge Turkesterone by Huge Supplements is the best option.

Huge Supplements’ Turkesterone is unique — instead of coming in pill form, it comes in soft gel capsules for accelerated absorption, improving bioavailability. With this increased bioavailability, it becomes even more potent than any of the other products we’ve tried.

You can buy it directly from the official Huge Supplements website, guaranteeing you’re receiving the real deal that is thoroughly tested and safe to consume. Click here to get taken to the official product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered plenty of information about turkesterone already. However, you probably still have some questions that we haven’t answered.

So, we’ll clear them up for you right now.

Is Turkesterone a Steroid?

Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid, a naturally occurring hormone found in plants like Ajuga turkestanica. Therefore, it isn’t a synthetic, anabolic steroid. Taking it won’t revoke your natty card.

Even though turkesterone has a structure similar to testosterone, it doesn’t work similarly. It doesn’t bind to androgen receptors, nor is it a synthetic version of testosterone. Therefore, it won’t change hormone levels above the body’s natural levels, ensuring it does not cause steroidal side effects.

How Long Does It Take for Turkesterone to Work?
Some turkesterone takers say they notice minor improvements in performance and strength after a week or two. However, this varies for everybody, so it might take longer for you to see it working.

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For ourselves, during our cycle, it took a good week to start noticing any improvement during our workouts. For the muscle gains, you will see those after about a month.

Is Turkesterone Natural?

Yes, turkesterone is a natural bioactive compound found in plants like the Ajuga turkestanica. The plant was used in traditional medicine thanks to its unique properties. Since it works differently than steroids, you won’t experience any adverse side effects like hair loss or gynecomastia.

Do You Need a PCT for Turkesterone?

No! You don’t need post-cycle therapy (PCT) after taking turkesterone because it doesn’t impact your testosterone levels. Therefore, suppression doesn’t occur after using the supplement, which ultimately eliminates side effects and improves retention of muscle gains.

How Much Turkesterone Should You Take?

We advise starting with 250mg and 500mg daily during your first cycle. When you start your second cycle, you can bump it up to a maximum of 1000mg. We don’t recommend exceeding a gram per day, and it’s up to you and your body to follow the recommendations for the best results.

Does Turkesterone Increase Testosterone?

The name might be similar, but turkesterone does not impact testosterone levels at all.

Can Women Take Turkesterone?

Studies haven’t advised women against taking turkesterone. Since it doesn’t boost androgens (i.e., male sex hormones), the supplement is just as safe for females as it is for males.

Is Turkesterone Legal?

The supplement is 100% legal. On top of that, it isn’t currently listed as a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Turkesterone won’t appear on drug tests and is used legally by bodybuilders and some athletes. Currently, ecdysteroids aren’t banned or prohibited in the United States of America.

The Final Verdict: Does Turkesterone Work?

Turkesterone is a concentrated ecdysteroid that comes with a wide variety of benefits, including improving lean muscle growth.

There are many types of ecdysteroids, but turkesterone is considered the most potent and one of the best natural supplements for muscle building.

Since it doesn’t attach to androgen receptors, you won’t experience any of the negative side effects.

If you aren’t on a super tight budget and looking for a natural product to boost your gains, you should definitely give Turkesterone a go.

Just be prepared to wait a week or two to see results, and always stick to recommended dosage instructions. Chances are you’ll be very impressed by the results and want to start planning your second cycle.

Finally, remember to purchase high-quality turkesterone from Huge Supplements to ensure you ingest only the best.


This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.

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