10 Best Morning Drinks for Rapid Weight Loss — Eat This Not That

Did you know that kickstarting your day with just the right, healthy beverage can help speed up your weight loss efforts? We spoke with the experts who share some of their favorite morning drinks for rapid weight loss. If you’re looking to burn fat in a timely manner, turning healthy eating and drinking habits into a lifestyle is key. The below beverages make weight loss less of a grueling, challenging process—they’re quick to whip up, easy to work into your mornings, and taste great!

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pouring green tea into cup

Research shows that green tea can speed up your metabolism, which is crucial if you’re looking to lose weight, says Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, the author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, a nutritionist in private practice, and a member of our Medical Expert Board. In addition, green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants proven to be effective in burning fat. “Research indicates that green tea extract, which is essentially concentrated catechins, has been shown to lower weight and decrease body fat percentage,” Young adds.

iced matcha latte

While we’re on the subject of green tea, let’s chat about matcha. “While matcha tea has been shown to promote fat burning, this skinny iced matcha green tea latte may have an additional advantage for your waistline since it also doubles as an ultra-satisfying weight loss secret weapon,” The Nutrition Twins®, Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, CFT, and Lyssie Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT, tell Eat This, Not That!

Kicking off your mornings with this delicious tea drink will provide you with antioxidants and keep you full for several hours so you won’t feel inclined to snack. Plus, it’s only 20 calories! And the benefits don’t stop there. The Nutrition Twins add, “Matcha green tea has been shown to enhance exercise-induced fat burning, so if that inspires you to move your body more and drink it, too, the fat-burning potential can be quite impactful.”

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warm lemon water

Something as simple as warm water with lemon is a stellar detox drink. Young explains, “Lemon has a plethora of benefits due to its antioxidant content and pectin fibers. The pectin fibers in lemon are soluble fibers that are most commonly found in fruits and vegetables. The reason this drink is great for weight loss is because it is hydrating, calorie-free, and may help eliminate toxins in the body.”

golden milk turmeric

“While morning sweet drinks are notorious for being calorie bombs and packing on the pounds, sipping this soothing, slightly sweet, satisfying golden milk can help avert cravings in just 40 calories,” The Nutrition Twins reveal. Plus, it takes just five minutes to prepare, making it a seamless addition to any busy morning.

This delicious chai-like sip features turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger—three very potent spices that help combat inflammation (which is something that can derail your weight loss efforts). In addition, cinnamon helps you kick sugar cravings to the curb by regulating blood sugar. “Plus, the calm mood and steady blood sugar set you up for a healthy day—and nothing is more critical for preventing overeating than being on an even keel,” The Nutrition Twins say.

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ginger tea

If you’re a tea drinker, ginger tea is another one of the best morning drinks for rapid weight loss you can sip. According to Young, this warm, comforting beverage can help relieve an upset stomach, and it doesn’t contain any calories! Plus, your waistline will thank you. “A study done on the effects of ginger tea and what it can do for the body found that ginger intake can reduce body weight and waist-to-hip ratio,” she adds.

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glass of cucumber mint water

Not only is a refreshing glass of cucumber mint water reminiscent of a relaxing spa experience, but it can also help you lose weight and keep you hydrated. “Infusing water with mint and cucumber has a bunch of healthful benefits, two of them being supporting weight loss and improving digestion,” Young explains.

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glass of Fenugreek Water

Fenugreek water can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and helping you feel full. For instance, one study revealed that having fenugreek fiber at breakfast promoted satiety and lowered caloric intake when lunchtime rolled around.

“If you want to make fenugreek water, try soaking one to two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight,” The Nutrition Twins suggest. “It’s often sipped first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. More research is needed, and if you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you’re best off avoiding it.”

close-up mature woman in pink shirt holding pink mug of coffee, concept of how drinking coffee can help you lose weight

So long as you take your coffee black (or with minimal plant-based or skim milk), you won’t pack on the calories, and this beloved morning beverage can help you achieve faster weight loss. “Research has found that caffeinated coffee can reduce caloric intake and boost metabolism,” The Nutrition Twins explain. “One study showed that people who drank caffeinated coffee consumed significantly fewer calories than those that drank less caffeine or those that drank no caffeine.”

In addition, caffeine gives your metabolism a boost and gets your bowels moving, which can help the scale move in your favor.

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raspberry lime water beverage

Give yourself an instant hydration boost in the AM with this rejuvenating sip. The Nutrition Twins’ raspberry ginger lime water infusion will help you kick any unhealthy cravings to the curb and prevent you from mistaking feeling thirsty for feeling hungry.

“You’ll prevent excess calorie consumption that packs on the pounds, and as you hydrate with this potassium-packed drink, you’ll counteract sodium and the puffiness and bloat from any salty or sugary indulgence from the day before, and you’ll quickly restore normal fluid balance, releasing excess water you’re holding in the tissues for a quick weight loss,” they explain. “Antioxidant-packed ginger, lime, mint, and raspberry help fight chronic inflammation that’s been shown to stimulate weight gain. Raspberries’ phytochemical C3G increases the production of both adiponectin (which enhances fat metabolism) and leptin (which suppresses appetite), assisting in weight loss.”


Olipop is another morning beverage The Nutrition Twins recommend for shedding weight fast. “Olipop quenches morning sweet drink cravings with only 35 to 45 calories and just four to five grams of sugar. Plus, it offers a big weight loss bonus by providing nine grams of prebiotic fiber to promote regularity, helping to push waste out of the colon so you can quickly drop a few pounds while bringing on a flat belly. The prebiotic fiber also supports gut health and reduces the risk of obesity by promoting satiety and weight loss,” they explain.

So if you’re craving something sweet first thing when you wake up, don’t reach for fruit juice or other calorie-packed beverages. Try Olipop instead to save yourself unnecessary calories and promote a healthy gut and metabolism.

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