Bubble Skincare Acne Spot Treatment Zapped My Pimples in Two Days

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Big or small, pimples always have an untimely arrival. On my forehead before date night? Yup. Multiple pimples on my temple before seeing family? Uh huh. Spotted on my chin before an outing with friends? You bet your buttons they’re there. Acne is annoying to have even when it’s predicted to show up, like when I’m stressed out or before my period. Fed up and feeling self-conscious, I went on a treatment-trying spree, testing everything from pimple patches to acne face washes, which have been helpful at managing pimples. But I wanted a more concentrated treatment that would target specific areas of my face. When given the chance to test Bubble Skincare’s Acne Spot Treatment ($12), I immediately pounced on the opportunity.

Although my skin leans on the drier side, my forehead can get a little oily during the summer, so pimples are inevitable. Several days ago, I noticed a pimple and several other bumps creeping up on my forehead, so I decided to give the product a whirl. The treatment is packaged in a slim, squeeze bottle, making it easy to apply (and easy to travel with). Consistency-wise, the formula isn’t sticky, and melts seamlessly into the skin. I squeeze the bottle until the clear, gel-like fluid spreads across the felt tip and gently dab a pea-sized amount directly on my pimple and any bumpy areas at night and allow it to dry for two to three minutes before moisturizing. Since I can squeeze as much fluid as I’d like, I can cover pimples of all sizes.

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hand holding bubble skincare knock out acne spot treatment
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I’m not going to lie—I woke up the next morning feeling a little disappointed when I looked into the mirror. My pimple had looked the same as the night before. Not giving up, I applied the treatment once again on the second night. Apparently, two time’s the charm.

The morning of day two was when I finally noticed impressive results. Not only did it shrink forehead blemishes, it targeted early-stage zits by drying the area out. I only applied the product once a day, but if I want to treat my pimples more aggressively next time, I could apply the formula up to three times per day, according to the brand.

left side shows before acne treatment, right side shows results after bubbles acne treatment
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How does the formula work?

Formulated with 1.8 percent salicylic acid and willow bark extract, the treatment “knocks out” break-outs one by one. “Salicylic acid really breaks up sebum in the pores,” Rebecca Marcus, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Maei MD, previously told W+G.

It also sloughs off dead skin cells,which prevents future breakouts.. As someone with sensitive skin, I swear by salicylic acid because it’s a more gentle exfoliant and doesn’t cause me to break out further. A form of salicylic acid, willow bark extract is also an A+ ingredient for pimples because it empties out sebum, preventing pores from clogging again. Also neat is that the treatment is infused with skin calming extracts like elderberry and meadowsweet, both of which quell my inflammation and redness. These antioxidant-rich ingredients really know how to keep the peace.

I’m always skeptical when it comes to pimple treatments claiming they remove pimples, but Bubble’s Acne Treatment really does work. Since using the treatment, I haven’t had any other breakouts or pimples, but if I do end up in the boxing ring, I’ll be aiming for the Knock Out. Best part? It’s only $12.

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