Chris Bumstead’s Supplements: His Favorite Stack

Chris Bumstead was born in February 1995 and is an expert bodybuilder from Canada. Chris has many accolades, starting from being the reigning Mr Olympia Traditional Physique bodybuilding winner. He gained the competitors thrice in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Because the runner-up in 2017 and 2018, Chris has been a part of the bodybuilding world for fairly a while and has constructed up a powerful on-line following by posting content material about bodybuilding and his way of life. On this article we’re exploring Chris Bumstead’s dietary supplements, and his favourite stack. 

Chris has freely admitted to taking dietary supplements to enhance his physique – a typical alternative for bodybuilders. Nonetheless, what dietary supplements does he take?

We’ve reviewed the checklist of dietary supplements Chris Bumstead takes and summarized them right here. We additionally thought it will be useful to debate every complement and the way it can assist your physique. If you wish to practice as Chris does, then that is for you.

(Please word that dietary supplements usually are not solely accountable for bodily power or health. Dietary supplements ought to be taken alongside a balanced weight-reduction plan and sustainable train routine. Not one of the recommendation or content material on this article ought to change the medical suggestions of your physician or private coach.)

What Dietary supplements Does Chris Take?

To work out what dietary supplements Chris Bumstead takes, we checked out a latest interview he did with Merely Shredded. Throughout the interview, he provides a listing of the dietary supplements he takes, as follows:

Every of those dietary supplements affords a distinct well being profit. Let’s check out each intimately.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate powder

Creatine is a nitrogen-containing compound-like protein, however the two usually are not the identical. It’s classed as “non-protein” nitrogen. We are able to get inventive from the meals we eat – sometimes, that is fish and meat. We are able to additionally kind creatine within the physique by way of amino acids (methionine, arginine and glycine).

The creatine complement works by replenishing misplaced power sources within the physique. Each cell within the human physique makes use of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as an power supply.

Once you do a exercise, you employ up your ATP. Once you expend power, the by-product of this turns ATP into ADP, identified scientifically as adenosine diphosphate. We use creatine as a complement as a result of it converts ADP again into ATP, providing you with extra power and higher restoration.


Subsequent up on the checklist we’ve received glutamine. Glutamine is thought to be the most typical amino acid that you could find within the human physique. It’s made within the muscular tissues after which transferred into the physique by way of the blood, which sends it off to your organs.

We want glutamine as a result of it’s a key ingredient in creating proteins within the physique. Not solely that, however glutamine is required for making different amino acids and in addition glucose.

Bodybuilders and athletes will take glutamine dietary supplements as a result of they’re identified to assist intestine perform, immune system perform, and different physique processes. This makes them invaluable in relation to intervals the place the physique is beneath stress. Throughout these moments, you naturally use extra glutamine.

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Most individuals take multivitamins. We don’t normally give it some thought an excessive amount of both – they’re simply a part of the morning routine. You rise up, have breakfast, and take a multivitamin. Nonetheless, the majority of individuals does profit from taking a daily multivitamin. The first profit is to fill in these pesky dietary gaps that folks get and ensure that all of us get our each day fill of nutritional vitamins.

These embody A, C, D, E and Okay, magnesium, potassium, calcium and even dietary fiber. Some multivitamins additionally include iron for many who want an additional dosage.

For athletes and bodybuilders, multivitamins will be helpful for issues like enhancing power ranges, serving to to control temper, enhancing mind perform, boosting muscle mass, serving to coronary heart well being and eye well being, enhancing the immune system, and bridging any of the dietary gaps that you just may need. There are explicit forms of bodybuilding multivitamins particularly, making them a good selection.

Fish Oil

omega-3 supplement

Fish oil is among the most typical dietary dietary supplements and for a great motive. It’s beloved and utilized by everybody – out of your common workplace employee to a primary athlete. Wealthy in Omega 3 it’s one of many best joint supplements out there.

There are many causes for this. Let’s take a look at a few of the huge ones.

To begin with, fish oil can assist enhance coronary heart well being. As coronary heart illness is among the main causes of loss of life, taking fish oil frequently is the easiest way to do issues. It helps by enhancing the degrees of fine ldl cholesterol within the physique, decreasing blood strain and stopping the buildup of plaque.

Second of all, and that is particularly for athletes, fish oil can assist with bone well being. As we become old, our bones start to lose a number of their minerals and steadily get weaker. You’ll end up at elevated danger of arthritis and osteoporosis. Fish oil can assist to maintain bones stronger for longer, which is useful for athletes who run the chance of rigorous train sporting down their bones quicker.

Lastly, fish oil could be a good assist in decreasing the signs of irritation. When your immune system is preventing an an infection or repairing itself after an harm, it turns into infected – that is, usually, not a problem.

Persistent irritation, nonetheless, will be the results of melancholy, weight problems, diabetes and coronary heart illness. If you happen to scale back irritation, you may assist to deal with a few of the signs of those illnesses. Fish oil could be a good complement to take as a result of it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Whey protein is taken into account to be top-of-the-line dietary supplements on the planet for athletes and bodybuilders. It has earned this status for good motive.

Whey protein is made up of a liquid referred to as whey which separates from the milk used within the manufacturing of cheese. The protein a part of the whey is named whey protein. As a protein, it incorporates all the important amino acids wanted for development and may be very digestible.

Athletes and bodybuilders typically devour whey protein for muscle mass. Muscle naturally declines with age, resulting in fats acquire and growing the chance of power illness. Nonetheless, with an enough mixture of each power coaching and a balanced weight-reduction plan, it’s doable to decelerate and even reverse the decline of muscle mass. That’s the reason whey protein is an effective solution to stop muscle decline.

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Vitamin B Advanced

Vitamin B advanced is made up of eight totally different B nutritional vitamins:

  • B1 – thiamine
  • B2 – riboflavin
  • B3 – niacin
  • B5 – pantothenic acid
  • B6 – pyridoxine
  • B7 – biotin
  • B9 – folic acid
  • B12 – cobalamin

There are numerous advantages to return from taking a vitamin B advanced.

These are improved cell well being, the expansion of pink blood cells, improved power ranges and enhanced eyesight. Along with improved mind perform, higher digestion, extra urge for food, correct functioning of nerves, elevated hormone and ldl cholesterol manufacturing.

There are many B nutritional vitamins in each dairy and meat merchandise, however many select to take a vitamin B advanced to ensure that they get the really helpful each day consumption. In any case, with such a slew of advantages, it’s not troublesome to see why.

Vitamin C

woman supplements

Vitamin C is often known as ascorbic acid. It’s a vital vitamin for the event, development, and restore of physique tissue. You’ll discover vitamin C is concerned in many alternative physique capabilities. These embody the formation of collagen, functioning of the immune system, the absorption of iron, and the upkeep of bones, tooth, and cartilage.

Vitamin C can be considered one of many antioxidants that defend towards the injury attributable to free radicals.

Poisonous chemical compounds and polluted air, akin to cigarette smoke, can generate free radicals, and if they’re allowed to construct up within the physique, they contribute to issues like coronary heart illness, arthritis, and most cancers.

Consuming common quantities of vitamin C can assist to stop the buildup of free radicals and ship the opposite well being advantages talked about.


There are 9 important amino acids within the physique, and three of that are generally known as branched-chain amino acids, or BCAA. These are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

The branched-chain side of the amino acid refers to its chemical construction, which is ceaselessly present in protein-rich meals sources like dairy, eggs and meat. Nonetheless, it’s additionally a dietary complement that’s primarily bought as a powder.

One of many main makes use of for a BCAA is the rise of muscle development.

Basically, the BCAA leucine prompts a sure organic pathway within the physique that promotes the synthesis of muscle protein, which helps to construct muscle. There’s additionally analysis which suggests {that a} BCAA can assist to lower the soreness of muscular tissues after exercises.

BCAA‘s have been proven to assist scale back muscle injury which can assist to lower the size of time the muscular tissues are sore after the exercise.


Vitargo is called a novel carbohydrate that has been employed by Olympians, elite athletes, and hundreds of thousands of individuals internationally. As a comparatively giant carbohydrate molecule, which is greater than the carbohydrates one finds in typical sports activities drinks, the molecular construction carefully resembles glycogen.

Typical research reveal that Vitargo is the quickest solution to refuel the physique earlier than, throughout, and after train routines. Those that took it skilled same-day gasoline restoration at a 70% elevated effectivity.

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In comparison with maltodextrin plus sugars, there was a 77% enhance within the quantity of glycogen restored in two hours.

To place it into easy phrases, these carbohydrates assist individuals to get well quicker. Vitargo is utilized by many individuals frequently.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Lastly, the final complement utilized by Chris is alpha-lipoic acid. That is an antioxidant which is of course created by the physique, however you can too discover it in sure meals. It’s used within the strategy of breaking down carbohydrates to create power.

Alpha-lipoic acid will be consumed in most meals. Potatoes, pink meat, carrots, spinach, beets, and broccoli all comprise this acid. Moreover, it’s out there in complement kind.

As a result of it really works very like an antioxidant, it will probably additionally presumably present safety to each the mind and the physique, serving to to stop sure forms of liver illness.

Broadly talking, individuals use this type of acid most ceaselessly along with diabetes. Nonetheless, it will also be used for altitude illness, excessive ranges of ldl cholesterol, weight problems, and growing old pores and skin. It’s value experimenting to see what sort of advantages it will probably carry to the on a regular basis particular person.

Last Ideas

essential workout supplements

So, as we are able to see, there are many dietary supplements taken by Chris frequently. Every of the dietary supplements performs a distinct function within the physique, and all work collectively to create a wholesome stability. {Many professional} athletes and bodybuilders take a daily weight-reduction plan of dietary supplements to take care of their our bodies and keep in good bodily situation, particularly throughout competitors seasons.

Chris Bumstead’s regiment is extra than simply dietary supplements and if you happen to’re serious about every thing else he does you may find out more about Cbum here.

You will need to acknowledge that dietary supplements are greatest taken along with a balanced weight-reduction plan and common train routine. They aren’t a alternative for both of those two issues. Nonetheless, these dietary supplements taken by Chris cowl a broad vary of well being advantages.

From enhancing muscle tone and serving to to stop the decline of muscle mass by way of to bone and coronary heart well being, there are lots of totally different advantages available from a daily, assorted weight-reduction plan of dietary supplements.

If you wish to start implementing a few of these dietary supplements into your on a regular basis weight-reduction plan, it’s greatest to take action slowly. Your physique will want time to adapt to the brand new dietary supplements that it’s being uncovered to, and consuming too many without delay may result in an upset abdomen or undesirable unwanted side effects.


Earlier than consuming dietary supplements, beginning a brand new weight-reduction plan, or embarking on an train routine, it’s really helpful to seek the advice of with a medical skilled. All the time discuss to your physician earlier than beginning any main way of life change, and cease if you happen to encounter any issues. Nonetheless, practically each physician will suggest a balanced weight-reduction plan, train routine and using most dietary supplements as a solution to make optimistic way of life modifications.

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