Lawless Forget the Filler Perfecting Cream Review

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When Annie Lawless launched her eponymous beauty brand in 2017, she did so with the mission of bringing fun and glamour into natural makeup at a time when the market was largely dominated by “no-makeup makeup.” Her highly pigmented, non-toxic liquid lipsticks— and, after that, non-toxic volumizing mascaras, pigmented eye and cheek products, and full-coverage foundation—were unlike anything the industry had ever seen. Six years (and many, many new launches—including her famed Forget the Filler lip collection—later), she’s changing the game once again with the introduction of Lawless Beauty’s first dedicated skin-care product: the new Forget the Filler Skin-Plumping Line-Smoothing Perfecting Cream ($52).

Featuring the same technology as the brand’s Forget the Filler lip products, the cream is designed to hydrate, smooth, and lift the skin to deliver results both instantly and over time. “To put it simply, what makes Perfecting Cream so innovative are the results—they are truly amazing,” says Lawless. “There are many moisturizers from skin-care and makeup brands, and that is why I wanted to create something differentiated that provided real, hard-hitting, clinically proven results.”

What’s in the product

The velvety face cream is formulated with “powerhouse, clinical-grade skin-care ingredients,” including a MAXI-YOUTH™ complex made up of:

  • Wrinkle-reducing Octapeptide-3
  • Firming and tightening Hexapeptide-8
  • Soothing and brightening antioxidants (such as caffeine, panthenol, and black tea ferment)
  • Barrier-boosting Vitamin E
  • Softening, moisturizing shea butter
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This high-impact ingredient combo is designed to deliver wow-worthy results, and according to clinical testing, it delivers. “Our ingredients are clinically proven by a third-party lab to smooth, plump, and hydrate the skin,” Lawless says. “Lawless’ star ingredient is Maxi-YouthTM—a biomimetic hyaluronic acid complex that is a complete game-changer for your skin. It improves the appearance of skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and visibly smooths skin texture. I can’t live without it.”

In addition to third-party lab testing, Lawless went the extra mile and conducted an independent study comparing the results of the MAXI-YOUTH™ complex to a placebo. In doing so, they found the FTF Perfecting Cream to be a miraculous moisturizer, capable of deeply soothing, 24-hour hydration, not to mention anti-aging benefits. According to the study, 91 percent of participants agreed that their skin looked soft and smooth after four weeks of use, while 80 percent agreed that their skin looked plump and young. Then, after eight weeks of use, 100 percent of subjects experienced increased skin hydration, while 94 percent experienced improved skin elasticity and firmness. Additionally, 97 percent of participants agreed that the cream is gentle on the skin, and 91 percent agreed that it’s perfect for makeup prep and layers well under makeup.

On that note, it makes sense that the makeup-centric beauty brand’s first skin-care launch is designed to pair well with makeup. “We have created a deep skin-care treatment that is ideal for use under makeup,” Lawless admits. “It can replace your normal silicone-based or gripping primer with ultra-hydrating, clinical-grade ingredients that provide instant plumping and long-term benefits.” Best of all, since the formula is silicone-free, it won’t pull or slide under foundation. “It’s also clean, fragrance-free, oil-free, derm-tested, and non-comedogenic, so it won’t cause breakouts or irritation.”

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My honest review of the Lawless Forget the Filler Perfecting Cream

First things first: the packaging. The Lawless Forget the Filler Perfecting Cream looks like a considerably larger jar of the Overnight Lip Plumping Mask. It features a matte transparent container topped off with a metallic rose gold lid. There is minimal branding on the pot, which gives it a chic appeal.

Inside the jar, you’ll find a pale pink cream that looks a bit like strawberry yogurt and smells like nothing. Despite its thick appearance, the cream is super lightweight and sinks effortlessly into the skin. While it feels cool on contact simply due to the way air hits it, it doesn’t tingle the way the FTF lip products do because of the difference in formulas. That said, I did find that if I applied this cream to damp skin–whether just cleansed or damp from a facial spray, it took a few seconds longer to settle in. Once it did, though, it gave my complexion a satiny (not shiny), soft blur that looked undoubtedly more hydrated.

My favorite things about this face cream—beyond the fact that my skin tolerated it exceptionally well, which isn’t always the case—are its formula and layering ability. The non-greasy formula remained satiny hours after application (whereas many other face creams look oily on my sensitive, combination, redness-prone skin over time). Meanwhile, its ability to layer under sunscreen and makeup is applaudable, without a single pill or smudge in sight.

In terms of the product’s long-term hydrating, lifting, and plumping power, only time will tell. At this point, I’ve been using the cream for two weeks, so I’m excited to witness the results at the 4- and 8-week marks.

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