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Looking to improve your performance? If so, you may want to consider using a few pre-workout supplements. While these won’t help produce

It’s even more important to pick the right pre-workout for several reasons. It’s important to pick ones that are field-tested and back by science. Plus you want to skip fillers, and dyes as they are horrible for your body. You’re in luck however because the Gym Junkies family invested in the cleanest most effective pre-workout on the market Ignite (learn more here).

The Ugly Truth of Most Pre-Workouts

Unfortunately, most supplement companies don’t care about your health and only care about how much is going into their pocket. In fact, some people are pulling some pre-workouts off the selves for being so inefficient and downright dangerous. For example, Austin McEvoy writes from the Daily Wildcat that quotes “ Pre-Workout powder can harm as much as help”. In the University of Arizona’s case they actually pulled a pre-workout (craze) of the shelves for containing an ingredient similar to methamphetamine.

With proper dosages and quality ingredients pre-workouts do have their place in the health and fitness industry.  You just have to be educated on what you are putting in your body and understand not all pre-workouts are created equal.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Why Gym Junkies Ignite Pre-Workout is Much Different…

Safest Pre Workout Supplement & Your Caffeine

Caffeine is a simple pre-workout supplement that has major impacts. It’ll boost your energy level, enhance your focus and concentration, and make your workouts that much higher in intensity. Research shows that doses between 3 and 6 mg per KG of body weight are clinically effective in improving performance. Our pre-workout formula contains 200 mg of caffeine—an ample dose to get you fired up without making you feel edgy. For a very cost-effect method to improve performance, turn to safe amount of caffeine like found in ignite.

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Second, creatine is another pre-workout product that some people choose to use. Creatine is going to enhance the creatine phosphate stores in the muscle cells, which then ensures that you can manufacture ATP at the rates necessary to maintain the exercises of your workout.

Naturally occurring in meat, numerous clinical studies support the supplementation of creatine for increased strength and endurance. Supplementation with creatine increases Cr and CP within the muscle, allowing further capacity to regenerate ATP—critical to muscular output such as weight training. Creatine is especially useful in enhancing the muscle’s ability to maintain high power output through brief periods of high-intensity exercise.


B12 is essential to the metabolism of every cell in the human body and energy production, making it one of the most important vitamins to the human body. B12 assists in nerve function, helping you feel more energetic and positive. In addition, B12 helps muscles to stretch with greater ease.

Nitric Oxide

Finally, don’t forget about nitric oxide. This pre-workout supplement causes blood vessel dilation to take place, which will then increase the amount of oxygen and blood flow to the muscle cells. This can also boost performance while enhancing your recovery as well. So there you have the primary pre-workout supplements to consider. Make sure you aren’t overlooking them.

Pre-Workout Supplements for men

The Stevia Advantage

One of the most important ingredients of our pre-workout is what we leave out. Artificial sweeteners run rampant through the supplement industry. Our philosophy is that there is no point to a strong body if you’re going to poison it with artificial, chemical food additives. Stevia is a sweet herb found in the Chrysanthemum family, and research has shown that it can:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Help regulate blood glucose levels
  • Offer anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Decrease oxidative stress associated with eating large amounts of carbohydrates
  • Reduce blood pressure and inflammation in the body
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Protect the kidneys
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In case you’re wondering, naturally sweetened does not mean flavorless. We’ve made sure that our flavor tastes great mixes well and digests easily.

No Artificial Dyes or Fillers

Many supplements use artificial dyes or “azo dyes”, like Yellow #5 (tartrazine), Blue #1 (brilliant Blue), Red No. 40 (Allura Red) and the list goes on.

While there is some debate about just how dangerous these dyes are to your health, Gym Junkies decided to stay on the safe side and leave the chemical additives out of our supplements. There is not point to chance it.

Our supplements follow a simple maxim every ingredient has a purpose and scientific research backing it. We don’t waste your time with fillers and every ingredient is presented at clinically effective dosages to put that extra bounce in your step, to help you complete those last couple of reps. Our goal is to help you go the extra mile, not fill your pre-workout with extra, unnecessary garbage.

Pre-Workout Supplements


A serving of our pre-workout powder can revolutionize your next workout. This is not a cheap carbohydrate powder, but a powerful, focused energy designed to take your performance to a new level of strength and endurance.

The result? 

A fitter, healthier you through intense, dedicated workouts. Our ingredients are backed by scientific research and presented in the clinically effective dosages to produce real workout results. Skip the fillers and artificial dyes, sweeteners, and extras; go for the real deal with gym junkies ignite.

-Terry Asher

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