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Weight loss and diet pills: what ingredients actually get the job done?

The total amount of weight loss pills that are currently on the market is absolutely amazing. How can so many different things all promise the same outcome? The whole weight loss industry is insanely huge, bringing in close to $61 billion dollars in 2011 alone.

Needless to say, when everyone is willing to dish out that much cash, just about everyone is going to jump aboard the “my weight loss supplement works!” train.

The result of this? A crap load of products, all promising the same thing, with only a quarter of them being legit.

Obviously, this can be pretty frustrating when you want something that works. You have to wade through the hundreds of products to find the right one. You’re going to waste a ton of time and money trying to get there.

Let’s take a look at the top diet pills on the market… 

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