Protein and Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

With a lot contradicting details about weight reduction and weight-reduction plan, it’s no marvel persons are discovering it exhausting to make clever and wholesome selections.

Nevertheless, one essential tip that every one nutritionists agree on is that combining several types of meals teams in the correct proportions is finest for weight reduction—for instance, proteins mixed with wholesome fibre-rich meals. After all, no one-size-fits-all eating regimen ensures weight reduction as a result of everyone seems to be totally different. However your general meals selections, particularly the steadiness of macros like protein and fibre, can considerably affect your weight reduction journey.

Why is Protein Good for Weight Loss?

Protein is a vital macronutrient which helps a number of bodily features and general well being. Moreover, studies say that protein-rich meals can assist you are feeling fuller for prolonged durations, thus serving to with weight reduction.

Protein slows down digestion, stopping overeating and decreasing your general calorie consumption. If these calorie financial savings happen for a number of days, there’s potential for profitable weight reduction!

Thermic Impact is one other important issue behind protein and its position in weight reduction. The “thermic impact of meals” is the vitality your physique makes use of to digest, soak up, and metabolise meals. Protein has a better TEF than carbohydrates and fats, that means the physique burns extra energy to course of protein than to course of carbs or fats. Subsequently, together with protein-rich meals in your weight-loss technique can assist you burn extra energy as a part of the thermic impact. 

The protein beneficial for weight reduction varies from individual to individual. For a median sedentary particular person, 0.8 grams per kilogram of physique weight every day is sufficient. Nevertheless, the beneficial quantity is round 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per kilogram for individuals who train repeatedly based mostly on their depth of train/bodily exercise. 

Why is Fibre Good for Weight Loss?

There are two sorts of fibre: insoluble and soluble. The soluble fibre slows the pace of digestion, supplying you with a gentle vitality provide. It makes you are feeling full and will provide help to keep happy longer.

In consequence, you eat much less and develop into much less more likely to attain for a bag of chips or different snacks an hour later your meal. A study reveals that dietary fibre consumption promotes weight reduction in obese or overweight adults consuming a calorie-restricted eating regimen.

AlsoHowever, whenever you eat meals that lack fibre, your blood sugar crashes, inflicting starvation, overeating, and taking in additional energy than you require. 

Before you purchase a seemingly healthy-looking packaged meals that claims to be excessive in fibre, learn the label fastidiously and test the precise fibre content material. Or you possibly can merely use the eight life-style trackers with a HealthifyMe subscription. You may log your meals on the diet tracker to watch your protein, carbohydrate, fat & fibre consumption.

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HealthifyMe’s trackers and AI-powered system present correct macronutrient breakdowns whereas scanning by way of the biggest database of 10,000+ Indian meals.

Excessive Fibre Meals to Assist You Lose Weight

Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are the very best choices to reinforce your fibre consumption. You may eat lentils, kidney beans, edamame, navy beans, chickpeas, and black beans.

These beans present between 10 and 40% DV of fibre. For instance, half a cup of cooked navy beans presents 34% of your each day beneficial fibre.

Craving one thing crunchy? Crispy roasted chickpeas are a protein-rich and fibre-rich choice as an alternative of reaching for potato chips. Or including simply half a cup of edamame to your mid-morning snack record can load you with 4 grams of fibre. 

Entire Grain Bread

One slice of true whole-grain bread has over 4 or 5 grams of fibre. Fortified whole-grain bread comes with over 10 grams of fibre per slice. Nevertheless, multigrain bread means several types of grains are current. So, go for bread with complete grain as the primary ingredient.

Air Popped Popcorn

Unsalted air-popped popcorn is comparatively first rate in fibre. Plus, air-popped popcorn with out undesirable energy or synthetic flavours is a wholesome snack for a weight reduction eating regimen. 

Metal-Lower Oats

Metal-cut oats supply double the quantity of fibre than rolled oats. You get round 4.1 grams per 1/4 cup, which is 15% DV. You may substitute it with 1 cup of bran flakes, offering almost 6 grams of fibre. 

Almonds and Different Nuts

Uncooked, pure, or unroasted almonds include almost 4 grams of fibre and seven grams of protein per quarter-cup serving (a handful). You may add them to your oatmeal, salad, smoothie, or yoghurt for an ample dose of fibre in your day.


Chia, flax, or pomegranate seeds are superfoods full of fibre. Sprinkle a spoonful of those nutrient-rich seeds into salad, smoothies, or yoghurt to reap the digestive advantages. 


Entire recent fruits are excessive in fibre, water-rich, and antioxidant-rich. Nevertheless, consuming the juice as an alternative of consuming the entire fruit with pulp is not going to assure the identical dose of fibre. 

Listed here are some fibre-rich fruits:

  • Apple  (medium-sized, with pores and skin intact): 4.4 grams
  • Pears  (medium-sized, with pores and skin intact): 5.5 grams 
  • Oranges (peeled): 4.42 grams
  • Figs (3 medium): 4.35 grams
  • Banana (peeled): 3.07 grams 
  • Avocado: 10-13 grams

Excessive Fibre Greens

  • Broccoli (1 cup cooked, chopped): 5.14 grams
  • Medium candy potato (baked, with pores and skin): 3.76 grams
  • Carrots (1 cup, uncooked): 3.58 grams
  • Medium Russet potato (baked, with pores and skin): 3.98 grams
  • Artichoke hearts (½ cup cooked): 4.79 grams
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Protein-Wealthy Meals to Assist You Lose Weight

Lean Meat and Poultry

Lean cuts of meat and skinless poultry are glorious protein-rich meals selections for an general wholesome weight-loss eating regimen. Along with protein, they supply important micronutrients like iron, vitamin B12, magnesium, and potassium.

A 16-week weight-loss trial study reveals that ladies who ate lean meat and people who restricted all pink meats had related weight reduction, however the group who ate lean meat reported fewer cravings. 


Fatty fish, similar to salmon or mackerel, present greater quantities of protein and important omega-3 fatty acids. But when your aim is weight reduction, ensure that your fish isn’t breaded or battered and deep fried. 


Eggs are some of the in style, versatile and cheap protein sources. One complete egg has round 6-7 grams of protein and different important micronutrients. You may eat hard-boiled, scrambled, fried, or poached eggs for a improbable protein dose. 


Beans and legumes are in style protein selections for vegetarians and vegans. You get round 18 grams of protein and roughly 16 grams of fibre in a single cup of lentils.

A study reveals that including beans, lentils, and different legumes to the eating regimen results in modest weight reduction with out intentionally limiting energy. You may also mix totally different plant proteins, similar to beans and nuts, to get all of the important amino acids your physique wants. 

Dairy Merchandise

Whereas high-protein dairy meals are wholesome, these trying to drop extra pounds should practise moderation. For added advantages, eat fermented dairy merchandise like plain nonfat yoghurt, low-fat Greek yoghurt, and cottage cheese.At all times select non-fat or low fats milk or milk merchandise as your protein dosage. 

The HealthifyMe Word

Beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, complete fruits, greens, and lean meat are wealthy in fibre and protein. Nevertheless, one vital factor to understand is that solely consuming extra protein or fibre is not going to robotically provide help to drop extra pounds. Consuming excessively can nonetheless result in weight achieve, very similar to consuming extra carbs or fats would.Therefore, the important thing to  a profitable weight reduction is conscious consuming .

Steadiness Your Protein and Fibre within the Professional Means

Relying on varied components similar to age, weight, gender, exercise stage, or medical circumstances, everybody requires totally different quantities of dietary fibre and protein. Nevertheless, it’s essential to not go overboard as a result of overeating protein or fibre might imply neglecting different meals teams you want, like complicated carbs and wholesome fat.

With a HealthifyMe subscription, you will get detailed insights into your present consuming habits and the way the protein or fibre-rich meals you eat impacts your well being and well-being.

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To see what works finest to your weight reduction plan, you possibly can experiment with totally different macronutrient percentages, similar to growing your protein and dropping your carbohydrates. Nevertheless, underneath the steerage of a HealthifyMe well being coach and nutritionist, making such eating regimen adjustments will probably be safer.

As well as, they may be certain that any dietary change is appropriate to your private wants and straightforward to take care of. This manner, you possibly can make certain that you might be getting probably the most out of your eating regimen and having fun with it too!

Above all else, probably the most essential issue you will need to keep in mind is your blood glucose stage and its response to your eating regimen. Whether or not you are attempting or not making an attempt to drop extra pounds, hold your glucose ranges within the regular vary. HealthifyPRO comes with a steady glucose monitor (CGM), which helps notify any sudden drop or rise in your glucose ranges.

For instance, oatmeal is a weight-loss staple breakfast. However you wouldn’t know whether it is inflicting a glucose spike with out real-time knowledge. So right here is exactly the place HealthifyPRO CGM is available in. The true-time insights and alerts from CGM give a fast perception grasp of what you should change or the way you reply to a given meals.

Listed here are another wholesome methods you possibly can enhance your protein and fibre consumption:

  • Select Greek yoghurt because it incorporates twice as a lot protein as conventional yoghurt.
  • Embody high-protein meals with each main meal you eat in a day.
  • Select leaner cuts of meat.
  • Munch on nuts, seeds, edamame, and low-fat cheese for a protein enhance.
  • Get pleasure from extra complete grains similar to buckwheat, oats, couscous, wild rice, brown rice, millet, and teff.
  • Eat non-starchy greens since they’re low in energy and excessive in fibre.
  • Eat complete fruit and veggies, not juice.
  • Take into account taking a complement in case your protein and fibre consumption by way of eating regimen is low.
  • Change white flour or all-purpose flour with high-fibre flour, similar to complete wheat, chickpea, buckwheat, and barley flour.
  • Embody loads of legumes in your eating regimen


Wholesome consuming is totally different from weight-reduction plan. It’s greater than shedding weight. Consuming the beneficial proportion of protein and fibre alongside different meals teams helps all-around good well being.

You may modify your protein and fibre consumption relying in your particular wants. HealthifyMe and the Professional Plans can assist you give attention to consuming the correct proportion of protein and fibre and supply real-time steerage in direction of making more healthy life-style selections, managing diet, monitoring energy, monitoring glucose response, and extra.

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