Revitalize Your Fitness Goals in September

While summer can be the favorite time of year for many people, there can be a bit of adjustment as the summer months come to an end and you are moving back into your regular routine once again. Many families find that the summer months derail their normal routines – it is a time to enjoy the warm weather and build memories with loved ones.

But when the vacation comes to an end, it can be a bit disappointing to move back into your routines again. Not only do you need to buckle down on the work schedule, but you are also thinking about other personal desires, such as getting back on track with your fitness goals once again.

The truth is that fall is the perfect time of year to prioritize your fitness goals. Consider these strategies to adjust your mindset and set yourself up for success this fall:

Fresh Start for Your Fitness Goals

You likely let your eating and exercise habits slide a little bit during the summer. It doesn’t matter whether you were over-indulging at the BBQs or spending time at the pool instead of in the gym. It’s nice to have a break and enjoy different chapters in life.

As the seasons are starting to change, it’s the perfect reminder that you can start fresh at any time. The best thing you can do is set the mindset of a fresh start for your fall season. Evaluate your personal habits, including diet and exercise routines, and find ways to infuse healthier habits into your daily routines.

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With this fresh start, not only do you need to cut out the bad habits (like late-night snacking), but also look for ways to integrate new, healthier habits into your routines.

Embrace the Transition

As you are moving back into your fitness goals, how can you embrace this transition and make it an enjoyable process? Build in rewards and make sure that you are creating a routine that will be fun. If you are looking forward to your workouts, there is a much higher likelihood of staying consistent with your fitness goals.

Instead of assuming that you need to implement the same pre-summer fitness routines, consider whether there are other ways you want to exercise now. Honor the season in life and be creative about adding variety to your routine.

Other ways that you can keep it entertaining are finding a new fitness center, joining classes, or trying a new activity. The novelty of the experience will keep you engaged and make it more pleasurable to keep moving through the fall and into the winter season.

Find Friends to Share Your Fitness Goals

Exercise is much more pleasurable when you are spending time with friends or family. Do you know other people who want to re-prioritize their fitness routines during this time of year? Consider scheduling time to work out together.

Or, if your friends don’t live in the same area, you might choose to be fitness accountability partners. Share your fitness goals with each other, then follow up at pre-determined times to report on progress and success.

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Having company in your fitness journey can be a great way to stay on track, regardless of the time of year. Not only can you exercise together, but it is nice to have a buddy who also enjoys the same activities you like.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

What is the reason “why” you want to improve your health? Knowing your why is essential to helping you stay on track with your fitness goals.

Maybe you can plan an upcoming beach vacation in the winter. If you know that you will be relaxing on a beach in a few months, then it’s easier to make the right decision at the current moment. You want to be confident in your swimsuit, and that confidence starts in the habits that you are implementing right now. The meals you prepare and the workouts you prioritize make a difference in the results you can achieve in the future.

Be Realistic About Your Fitness Goals

As you set these new fitness goals, be realistic about the possibilities you can achieve. While it might be fun to dream about a complete transformation before Thanksgiving, remember that these changes take time. Overnight results aren’t realistic, especially if you want to achieve results that last for many years.

Instead of striving for an instant change in your body by using intensive dieting or exercise strategies, a better solution is to focus on the smaller habits you can change for long-lasting results. When you change your usual way of living, it is a way to implement a transformation in yourself. This change in character shifts your habits naturally, so you don’t have to put as much “effort” into your fitness goals because they come naturally.

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While it can be helpful to have specific fitness goals, such as a certain weight you want to achieve or clothing sizes that you want to wear, focusing on the results that will get you to this point is more effective. For example, if you keep your mindset on the results you desire while setting your fitness goals on the things that influence your daily decisions, then you are setting yourself up for success.

Examples of realistic fitness goals include exercising 4x per week for at least 30 minutes each session. Or, cut out desserts and sweet treats from your diet 6 days a week (with one “cheat day” each weekend).

Fitness Facilities to Support Your Goals

Are you looking for a community to support your fitness goals? Joining a local gym can be a great way to meet friends working on their health and wellness. Join Fitness Nation to have access to quality equipment, trainers, classes, and more. We’re here to offer the encouragement and support you need to stay on track with your fitness goals this fall and throughout the year.

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