Testosterone Pills – Are They Effective?

Most of the time, when a bodybuilder or an athlete uses exogenous forms to boost his performance, it comes in the form of an injection. However, not everyone tolerates injections, and some people simply prefer to use an oral alternative. 

Testosterone pills do exist, and while they do work to a degree, they are not as effective as their injectable counterparts. Here’s everything you should know.Pill


There are many different forms on the market today, and the esters attached to the molecule itself give the exogenous hormone its defining properties. There’s propionate, cypionate, and even undecanoate, which is the only variety available direct from manufacturers in pill form.

It’s commonly referred to as Andriol. Although the Andriol for sale today isn’t a powerful bulking steroid, and while it certainly won’t help you burn fat as well as other anabolic products, there are reasons why these pills are so popular among bodybuilders.

  • Undecanoate is easy to find and purchase.
  • It is relatively mild, so there are very few side effects.
  • Andriol is perfect for TRT during steroid cycles.
  • It can also provide plenty of strength and power to athletes who want to maximize their performance potential.


One of the most common concerns when it comes to pills is bioavailability, and Andriol is certainly no exception. This ester is relatively bioavailable up to a certain point – usually at hormone replacement doses. 

However, once people get beyond hormone replacement doses and start working their way into performance enhancement doses (500mg weekly or more), this bioavailability begins to break down, and men will need to take a large number of pills to achieve the same results as a single injection with a different ester. Of course, for some men, Andriol is the only steroid available to them. In this case, they believe that something is better than nothing in terms of performance enhancement. 

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While this might be the case, athletes and bodybuilders rarely purposely buy Andriol outside of a medical setting because the cost does not accurately reflect the benefit, and it’s just easier for them to use a once- or twice-weekly injection to satisfy their needs.

Prescription Pills in Medicine

The most common pills for men are those prescribed by their doctors for hormone replacement purposes. As men get older, their bodies naturally stop producing ample amounts, which can lead to some unwanted side effects. 

These include chronic fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression, and even declines in sexual function or desire. It can certainly reverse these symptoms when taken according to directions. 

Of course, there are some side effects worth mentioning, too. Too much in the body can cause estrogen conversion, which may lead to bloating, gynecomastia, and further weight gain, among other things. Some men experience Headaches and sleep disturbances too, but these things usually resolve themselves over time with little to no intervention and no need to adjust the dose.


Does it Work?

Now that you’re aware that Testosterone for sale online does exist, it’s important to discuss their characteristics and whether they are as effective as their injectable counterparts.  Keep in mind that many of the other forms  – including enanthate and propionate, especially – can be used alone alongside diet and exercise to gain muscle mass over time. 

Undecanoate, which is a synthetic oral ester, is a bit different in that regard. It can absolutely help you with gains, but it’s not as dramatic as other forms. With that in mind, pills are most effective when used as a replacement, though men who are sensitive may find Andriol a suitable bulking agent, too. 

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Do testosterone pills work when it comes to medicine? In most cases, they certainly do. While they aren’t powerful enough to be used for performance enhancement, they can replace the natural hormone in men who cannot produce enough. 

What’s more, these treatments can help adolescent boys who are dealing with delayed-onset puberty and who need to stimulate growth. They may not be the best choice in Sports, but pills can improve the quality of life for millions of men and boys around the world.

How to Use It

Everyone tolerates things differently, so if it’s your first time using it, you might find that tapering your dose slowly can help you avoid unwanted side effects. The most common daily dose is 240mg for those who are bulking, and men who are using it for TRT may be able to use as little as 180mg to 200mg to achieve the results they want. 

Keep in mind, though, that some athletes will take upward of 400mg per day. At this dosage, it is important to note that the risk of hormone-related side effects increases significantly, and you may not experience any benefit above and beyond the 240mg dose.


Testosterone Type Half-Life (Days) Dosing Schedule (500mg/week)
250mg twice weekly
500mg weekly or 250mg twice weekly
75mg daily or 150mg every other day
150mg every other day

Testosterone pills are certainly effective, but this is generally only true for men who have deficiencies, for those who want to replace their stores while using anabolic steroids, or for those who do not tolerate other steroids well but who still want the perks of performance enhancement. They are relatively safe in a variety of doses, too, which makes them popular among bodybuilders and athletes alike.

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