10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Nitric Oxide

Feeling tired at the gym? Not seeing the muscles you want?

Here are 10 reasons why you should take a nitric oxide so you can power through your workout.

So you’ve been going hard at the gym, doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, drinking those before and after workout protein shakes, pushing yourself to the next limit and also giving your body the rest it needs so you can wake up and do it all over again.

But there’s something else you could be doing to have a better workout and get those big muscles.

Ever heard of nitric oxide?

This supplement could change your workout for the better, and maybe your life. This article will tell you 10 reasons why you need nitric oxide in your life. There are also Top Nitric Oxide Foods that can boost levels!

First of all, what is nitric oxide?

It is a molecule that our body makes to help its cells talk with each other by sending signals throughout the body.

According to Nutrition Express, there have been over 60,000 studies done on this in the last 20 years. In 1998, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to three scientists that found the benefits of nitric oxide.

Okay, so now we know what it is… let’s talk about why you should be taking it.

10 Reasons Why You Need Nitric Oxide In Your Life

Speedy Recovery

#1 A Speedy Recovery

Have you ever felt super tired the day after a rough workout?

You know you need to get your butt to the gym but your body is telling you to take it easy. Well, nitric oxide can help you. It helps the blood flow to the tissues in your body which helps your muscles to relax. When you have a good blood flow, the nutrients are able to get to the muscle tissue quicker after a hard workout. It gives more oxygen to your muscles which will help you recover faster between workout sessions. If you want to workout about 5-6 times a week then you need to take care of this.

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Energy Workout

#2 More Energy During Your Workout

Do you ever feel tired when you’re in the middle of a workout?

When you lift weights, your body runs out of oxygen and starts to build lactic acid in your muscle tissue. This can make you feel tired and want to give up. Nitric oxide gives more oxygen to your muscle tissue which takes away the amount of lactic acid so that you have more energy while working out. So, if you can give more oxygen to your muscle tissue, you will be able to decrease the amount of fatigue during a workout which will make you train longer and harder.

Endurance Boost

#3 Endurance Boost

This is for all of you long distance runners or cyclists. Again, this goes back to the oxygen getting to your muscle tissue. Athletes who are training for endurance could be racing at a higher altitude than what their used to, like outside on a mountain path or hill. Even if you are training on flat ground, the distance is where you need the strength of endurance.

Nitric oxide will help your endurance by giving you more oxygen so that you can train longer without getting tired. So, if you are an endurance athlete, I highly suggest taking a nitric oxide supplement.

Body Heat

#4 Balancing Your Core Temperature

We all know that when you workout, your body gets hot and starts to sweat.

Nitric oxide helps your body cool down by helping your blood flow to balance your core temperature, which will give your body the energy it needs to finish a successful workout. When you have good blood flow, the temperature in your body won’t overheat, which will give you more energy to keep going to complete the workout you want. Nitric oxide saves the day, again.

Muscle Pumps

#5 Better Muscle Pumps

You know that great feeling of having big, tight muscles after working your biceps and triceps?

Nitric oxide will make your muscles bigger and better for everyone to see. Since nitric oxide helps the blood flow to your muscle tissue, your muscles will stand out more and leave you with longer-lasting muscle pumps. When you start seeing your muscles bulge out of your shirt, you’ll feel more motivated to keep up with your workout plan!

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Bigger Veins

#6 Bigger Veins

It’s vein-popping time. Some people only take nitric oxide for this reason only: To get bigger, bulging veins.

After taking the supplement, many fitness fans saw a huge increase in their vascularity after working out. You may be wondering how this happens… well it’s simple. Nitric oxide increases your blood flow, which makes your veins bulge underneath your skin. It boosts your levels of vascularity which dilates the blood vessels. The more vascular you are, the stronger you look. This is great for bodybuilders since showing off big veins gives you that healthy, powerful, strong look.

Better Immune System

#7 A Better Immune System

This just keeps getting better and better. When you exercise, your body needs uses more oxygen, and the more oxygen in the body, the better the body runs. Nitric oxide helps you stay fit and healthy and it also kills viruses which helps your immune cellular memory. Not only does nitric oxide help fight off viruses, it also helps by fighting off bacteria that could lead to tumors. Wow. It also helps your white blood cells work better and faster.

So, nitric oxide will help you have a strong immune system so you can fight off those nasty colds. Which means, no more sick days. Yay!

Better in Bed

#8 Better In Bed

Yes, you read that right. Nitric oxide is known to be better than Viagra. Again, this goes back to the blood flow. Nitric oxide will help your blood flow which will give you better erections. If you have more nitric oxide, you will make more guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which will give you a harder erection. says that “When a man becomes sexually stimulated either through physical contact or other sensory stimuli, a signal is sent from the brain to endothelial cells in the penis to release nitric oxide (NO).”

In addition to the best exercises for sex, we are talking about some major gains!

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#9 More Glucose

According to a study done on nitric oxide from The University Of Michigan Medicine School, “Build-up of lactate and ammonia lead to fatigue during exercise.

Increasing glucose clearance means more energy will be available inside muscle cells to finish a workout.” Your muscles need to use glucose to get more fuel and energy. Studies say that nitric oxide helps your glucose and muscles work better together so that you can have more energy.  Also, you will have bigger and fuller looking muscles. Using up glucose will also help you burn off fat tissues.

Heart Health

#10 Heart Disease And Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is known to help protect your heart from heart disease, heart attacks or strokes. Nutrition Express explains that the interior surface of your arteries produces nitric oxide. When plaque builds up in your arteries, your body has trouble making nitric oxide, which could lead to heart disease or a stroke. Over 100 years ago, Alfred Nobel who founded the Nobel Prize was given nitroglycerin to help with his heart problems. He was a little unsure about this because nitroglycerin is used in dynamite. But it turns out that it actually helped with his heart condition!

He didn’t know that nitroglycerin gives out nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow. Pretty interesting.


Nitric oxide can be found almost anywhere such as Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, Vitaminshoppe and of course online.  It can also be found in some foods such as sesame seeds, crab, spinach, shrimp, and turkey. So even if you didn’t want to buy it, you can get it naturally from food! So now you have no excuse, go out and get some nitric oxide!

-Terry Asher

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