5 Ways To Lose Weight Before Breakfast

Going through the motions of a weight loss program can seem pretty mundane. That’s why it’s important to keep things fresh in order to stay motivated and on the right track. We’re here to give your morning routine a nice little boost with five steps you can take to lose weight before breakfast. Add them to your regimen, and watch the scale move in your favor.

We spoke with Melissa Mitri, MS, RD, nutrition writer and owner of Melissa Mitri Nutrition, who shares five easy ways you can lose weight before getting into the thick of your day. Talk about being productive! Keep reading to learn all about them, and next, check out 5 Little Things You Can Do Every Day To Lose a Lot of Weight.

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Research shows that drinking plenty of water can speed up your metabolism, aiding in your weight loss efforts. “Starting your morning with a glass of water can help you lose weight,” Mitri explains to us, adding, “I tell my clients to drink a glass first thing in the morning to get into the habit of drinking it right away, which usually results in drinking more once the day is done.”

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Adding a little bit of mindfulness to your morning can make a big difference. Whether you stretch it out with yoga, journal your thoughts or daily goals, or light some candles and meditate, mindfulness “sets you up for weight loss success all day,” according to Mitri. She adds, “When you’re in a place of gratitude and more in tune with your body, your eating and exercise habits will follow. You will be less likely to emotionally eat as well.”

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Did you know that soaking up vitamin D can actually help you lose weight? Science says so!

According to Mitri, “If possible, get in a few minutes of sunlight in the morning. Several studies have shown a link between UV ray exposure and weight loss. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time—just a five-minute walk around the block or a cup of tea on your porch will do the trick.”

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Next up, get that body moving! Incorporating movement into your morning can help you establish healthy habits you’ll stick with throughout the day.

“Exercise is a natural mood booster, and often drives healthy habits,” Mitri says. “Some research has even shown exercising in the morning leads to a higher level of satiety throughout the rest of the day. And it doesn’t have to be a ton of time if your mornings are hectic—just a 10-minute walk or jog can get those endorphins flowing and set you up for all-day success.”

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Stepping on the scale when you wake up is a stellar habit to adopt. This way, you can keep track of your weight every day and see if you need to make any improvements.

“If you’re on your weight loss journey, tracking your weight regularly can keep you accountable and motivated toward your goals. When you first wake up, weighing yourself reminds you of your goals so that your breakfast choices and habits for the rest of the day align with these goals,” Mitri says.

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