Weak Body Part Training: What You Need to Know

When we have now a weak physique half, most individuals merely enhance the workload for these muscle tissues. Add extra reps and units, dropsets, supersets, and coaching frequency. In different phrases, making an attempt to make it tougher for the weak muscle tissues. However the reality is, we normally need to take a pair steps again and do the exact opposite.

Chest Progress Exercise

chest workout cables

Having a weak physique half, akin to your chest, doesn’t imply it’s “worse” than your different muscle tissues, and it essentially wants extra quantity. Allow us to say you will have had a reasonably general balanced coaching program, the place you might be hitting your muscle tissues with about the identical quantity of quantity and coaching. After all, with extra concentrate on the bigger one than the smaller ones.

And out of the blue you understand, your general physique is rising, however the outcomes are missing within the chest. You might be utilizing the identical protocol, however the chest merely just isn’t getting almost the identical outcomes. In that case, it’s clearly not getting the identical stimulus as your different muscle tissues.

There’s something that’s off, and stopping your chest from attaining the identical outcomes as the remainder of your physique.

In only a few circumstances it might be a difficulty in your train choice, and your programming general. However usually, the muscle  just isn’t getting the identical quantity of stimulus your different muscle tissues are getting.

So, the principle problem is your execution.

In different phrases, you aren’t in a position to isolate this weak muscle in addition to your different muscle tissues. As a substitute of including extra quantity, you really have to take a number of steps again and decrease the quantity. Perhaps even change up some workout routines, however particularly focus in your execution.

As your execution improves, you’ll be able to concentrate on growing the frequency of that muscle to enhance even sooner.

A Weak Physique Half Is Like a Newbie within the Gymnasium

If we have now a weak muscle that we’re merely not pretty much as good at working, it is extremely just like an individual who’s new to the gymnasium. With this in thoughts, we all know that this muscle really doesn’t want as a lot quantity as your different muscle tissues.

Although you might need been doing a variety of repetitions and units for this muscle, the muscle itself has not carried out a variety of work. The supporting and adjoining muscle tissues of that weak muscle have been doing many of the work.

However the weak muscle itself, has not been getting the identical stimulus as the remainder.

Due to this fact, extra coaching and extra quantity just isn’t what we have to concentrate on right here. Reasonably, enhance execution and study to truly goal and contract this muscle correctly.

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As you enhance, ultimately you and add in additional quantity, heavier weights and extra depth. Identical to you’ll do with the remainder of the muscle tissues which might be really responding nicely to your coaching.

Extra Quantity May be Contradictory

training back hard

A number of trainers will let you know so as to add extra quantity and train intensifiers to your weak muscle teams. What that does, is definitely simply making it worse for you. Give it some thought like this, in case you already carry out a motion badly, you might be merely simply going to do extra of that.

Rather more extra unhealthy motion.

Performing extra repetitions and extra quantity results in fatigue, after which we’re doing the motion even worse. As a result of as we get extra exhausted, our execution is clearly affected.

In a state of fatigue, the identical motion can turn into a special motor pattern.

As exhaustion will increase, we rely extra on adjoining muscle tissues and stability turns into a problem. Thus, this can be a very unhealthy place to enhance our execution. Growing quantity is subsequently a nasty concept on this case.

Lower Quantity

So what we really have to do is to lower quantity. This doesn’t imply we’re going to prepare with gentle weights and never problem ourselves. Reasonably, prepare with volumes and masses that aren’t so heavy that they’re going to have an effect on execution and stability.

It will be significant that you simply discover a rep vary and the correct quantity of weight the place you’ll be able to work onerous, and your execution is nice for many of those repetitions.

Furthermore, as execution is our foremost purpose, we don’t need to prepare too many units to failure. As a result of the extra we go to failure, the extra fatigued we turn into, and our execution is more and more challenged.

Most of those units to enhance our weak physique half can be like observe units. You may go to failure on the final 1-2 units. So, in case you are doing 5 units, you’ll be able to fail on the fifth set.

Frequency As a Device

We are able to use frequency as a software to extend the quantity of units to failure. After per week or two of doing one set to failure, you’ll be able to enhance this to 2-3 units to failure. This can be a a lot better method than doing in the future with a variety of quantity, and a variety of units to failure in a single session.

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Sure, you could be doing a variety of units to failure inside that exercise, however once more, execution can be your limiting issue. And you might be already not good at executing with that muscle, so this isn’t a terrific concept.

Thus, the standard of your units to failure can be a lot better if we unfold them out all through the week. The truth is, the standard of all of your units can be higher when we have now execution in thoughts.

Consider Weak Muscle mass As Newbie Muscle mass

beginner trainer

The best way you need to prepare your weak physique half is identical means you’ll prepare an individual new to the gymnasium. Pondering of it like this makes it simpler to grasp. Somebody who has simply began figuring out, needs to concentrate on execution and frequency.

Frequency makes it simpler for us to enhance execution. And improved execution will profit us each time we’re coaching, whether or not it’s excessive quantity, heavy masses, supersets, longer units, train intensifiers, and so forth.

Concentrate on Contraction As a substitute of the Motion

Once we need to really develop and strengthen a selected muscle, we need to concentrate on the contraction of this muscle. Not the precise motion you might be performing. That is totally different in case you are a powerlifter or one thing of that nature, the place your purpose is to carry out a sure motion in addition to you’ll be able to.

Quite the opposite, if we need to enhance a weak physique half, or any physique half, it’s essential to concentrate on the contraction. If our contraction of this muscle is nice, we’ll at all times enhance it to a point, whatever the motion we’re doing.

Which means, this muscle can be higher off it doesn’t matter what train we’re performing, so long as it’s concerned within the motion of the train. As a result of it can now not be a weak hyperlink within the chain, whether or not it’s a synergist or antagonist in that particular motion.

Due to this fact, specializing in contraction will assist us in some ways. However, if we’re specializing in the method or motion of the carry, reasonably than execution and contraction, we would not see an enchancment within the weak physique half.

So, when you have a physique primarily based purpose, and need to enhance your entire physique, you should concentrate on varied areas and varied workout routines. As a result of we don’t want a weak physique half to be a limiting think about our physique targets. Which clearly is totally different in case your purpose is to solely enhance a single motion.

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As an example, in case you are doing a selected train, and one physique half is a weak hyperlink within the chain, specializing in that muscle will enhance your general efficiency. By isolating the muscle and bettering it, that particular train can be improved.

Instance: Enhancing Your Squat

squat weak body part

We are able to take the squat motion for example. Allow us to assume you need to enhance this train, however have stagnated for some time. Perhaps your quads are actually weak within the lengthened place, and your squat has been extra hip-dominant.

So there comes some extent the place it’s really useful to cease squatting, and enhance the weak hyperlink within the chain. Once more, we have to enhance our execution and contraction within the quads, if that has been the weak hyperlink.

The one means to try this, is to take a number of steps again and enhance execution and contraction within the quads. After doing this for some time, you’ll be able to return to squatting, and enhance the entire general motion by fixing that weak hyperlink.

As a result of in case you enhance the energy in your quads, the entire mechanics of the squat motion will change. Resulting from the truth that how sturdy your quads versus your glutes are, will change the strategy of the squat.

Because the physique is at all times going to make use of its strongest factors to carry out any motion, in whichever means is less complicated for the physique.

Quicker Outcomes by Instantly Focusing on the Weak Hyperlink

Thus, it’s a lot simpler to enhance your squat by instantly going after your weak hyperlink, as an alternative of reducing the load in your squat and doing it that means. And by reducing the load and quantity, your squat won’t even enhance as a lot because it might, until you really instantly goal your weak hyperlink.

Now, after we return to the squat after having improved the weak quads, we’re squatting with a a lot stronger physique general. After which we will simply maintain squatting, with a extra balanced physique and energy profile, or energy ratio between your hips and knees.


Once we need to enhance a weak physique half, it’s hardly ever a good suggestion to extend quantity. Since you are already contracting and executing that motion poorly, and doing that extra simply makes every little thing worse. Reasonably, it’s higher to take a number of steps again, decrease quantity, and enhance execution and contraction. Principally, coaching a weak physique half the identical means you’ll prepare an individual who’s new to the gymnasium.

Thanks for studying our article!

– Terry Asher

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